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Robert Miskimon is a published and well known author, journalist and poet. His fictional works have been reviewed positively by several groups including the San Francisco Review of Books and Monterey Peninsula Herald. Some of his written works can be found on his Amazon page. Additionally, he has been a journalist for the Associated Press, publishing many news articles in his professional career. Learn more about Robert or contact him via his social media profiles.

June 29, 2018
by Robert Miskimon


Ibogaine: Cure or Curse for Addicts?

June 29, 2018 08:48 by Robert Miskimon  [About the Author]

Is it a miracle drug that can cure a range of addictions from heroin to nicotine, or does it amount to nothing more than "Russian roulette?" This little-known drug, if it lives up to its reputation, could open the door to a new approach to curing addictions and dealing with the "opioid epidemic." It's controversial and experts agree that more research into ibogaine is imperative. [More]