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June 30, 2020
by Elizabeth Pratt

a sleeping teen

Poor Sleep In Teen Years May Result in Poor Mental Health In Later Life

June 30, 2020 08:00 by Elizabeth Pratt  [About the Author]

a sleeping teen
Teenagers who sleep poorly may be more likely to experience mental health challenges in later life. In research recently published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry researchers from the University of Reading, together with Goldsmiths and Flinders University in the UK found that there was a significant link between poor sleep and mental health issues. [More]

April 10, 2020
by Tina Arnoldi

Photo by Metin Ozer on Unsplash

Family Separation at the Border: Who to Blame?

April 10, 2020 07:44 by Tina Arnoldi  [About the Author]

Photo by Metin Ozer on Unsplash
According to a human rights experts that performed psychological evaluations with immigrants, they stated that separation of families by immigration officials amounts to torture. In an investigation, “You Will Never See Your Child Again: The Persistent Psychological Effects of Family Separation,” Physicians for Human rights evaluated 17 adults and nine children from Central America who had been separated between 60 and 69 days. [More]