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September 19, 2018
by Arthur Hunter


Farmers Continue to Poison Crops Despite Ruling, Experts Claim

September 19, 2018 07:00 by Arthur Hunter  [About the Author]

Experts tell us what farmers are doing to our food supply, and you probably have no idea. Few people know that scores of farmers douse crops with weed killer immediately prior to harvest, and not for the purpose of killing weeds. Will a landmark ruling for $289 million in August of 2018 change the minds of farmers who desiccate their crops with glyphosate? [More]

August 14, 2018
by Suzanne Jessee

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The 3 Stages of Complex PTSD Recovery

August 14, 2018 21:18 by Suzanne Jessee  [About the Author]

bigstock woman depressed series 27249164
Most people are familiar with the term PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD refers to a traumatic event that the individual has witnessed or experienced that they have great difficulty overcoming emotionally. Complex PTSD or C-PTSD refers to ongoing trauma, such as childhood abuse, domestic violence, multiple combat deployments, being the victim of sex trafficking, or being kidnapped for a prolonged time—situations that were ongoing, harmful and abusive, and where the victim feels trapped. [More]

March 29, 2018
by Tracey Block

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Industry Experts Discuss Taking Time off Work for Mental Health

March 29, 2018 17:03 by Tracey Block  [About the Author]

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Have you ever taken time off from work because of a cold, flu or other physical ailment that needed attention? If so, you may have felt comfortable chatting about it when you returned to work—healthy and ready to get back at it. But the situation is often daunting for employees who need to take time off work for mental health illnesses—and then transition back into the workplace. How can you comfortably navigate information sharing about your mental health challenges at work? [More]