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August 1, 2013
by Robert Roopa M.Ed (AE)., M.Ed (CP)., CCC.

The Benefits of Planning/Taking a Vacation

August 1, 2013 14:22 by Robert Roopa M.Ed (AE)., M.Ed (CP)., CCC.  [About the Author]


Many of us plan vacations to get away from our busy schedules. Arlene Uhi’s text, The Complete Idiots Guide to Beating Stress, suggests that much of the stress we experience is often connected to our daily routines (i.e. commute, commitments, and concerns) (Uhi 2006).

According to a recent 2009 study completed by Joudrey and Wallace, active leisure pursuits (such as taking a vacation) helped reduce job related stress among a sample of 900 participants (Whitbourne 2010). Beyond the individual benefits, taking a vacation can also help increase family bonding, communication, and solidarity.

A vacation can (Uhi 2006):

  • Slow down our frantic routine
  • Temporarily relieve us from our chores
  • Provide space and time to reflect
  • Provide space to recondition negative habits
  • Teach us new stress-beating skills that we can adapt to our daily life.

The author suggests that you choose a getaway that will instill calmness and relaxation. Taking a break from routine can help decrease hormone activity related to stress and hyperarousal. Give yourself an opportunity to escape from your daily rituals and experience something new. Any new activity that breaks away from your comfort will likely lead to increased satisfaction and joy. 

Activities you may want to consider:

Pampering Spas

  • Receiving a massage
  • Enter a whirlpool or hot spring
  • Mud bath treatment
  • Getting a Facial

Yoga Vacations

  • Learn and practice Yoga
  • Enjoy peaceful surroundings
  • Meet a diverse group of individuals

Active Adventures

  • Bicycling Tours
  • Camping
  • Golf or Tennis Camps
  • Multisport tours
  • Walking Tours
  • Beach or Patio Vacations


Uhl, A. (2006). The complete idiot's guide to beating stress. New York, N.Y: Alpha Books.

Whitbourne, Susan (2010). The importance of vacations to our physical and mental health. Psychology Today: Sussex Publishers

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