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October 24, 2013
by Ashley Marie

Theravive and Psych Central Announce a New Partnership

October 24, 2013 19:30 by Ashley Marie  [About the Author]

Quality Over Quantity

Modern technology has facilitated the ease and speed at which one can search for a therapist. Today, you can find thousands of therapists on the Internet at the touch of a button.

However, this proliferation of endless numbers of therapists can complicate one’s search for a quality therapist. Therapist directories often list hundreds, if not thousands, of therapists per geographic area. This preference for quantity over quality makes it overwhelmingly difficult for individuals to know which therapist to contact for counseling.

This is why at Theravive we offer exclusivity. In other words, we limit the number of therapists who are listed in each location. We streamline the number of therapists without limiting the quality and variety of mental health professionals.  

By limiting the number of therapists on Theravive, individuals seeking counseling benefit from a clean, straightforward design that directs them to a select number of quality therapists. Therapists also benefit from our directory, as they are guaranteed to always be on the first page of their listings. This makes client contacts richer and more concentrated.

Our aim is provide a more user-friendly experience for those searching for a therapist in the US or Canada. All therapists listed on our site are licensed and credentialed, and many also provide online counseling. Our directory also allows visitors to search according to specializations, such as marriage counseling, depression, anxiety, among others. This makes it easier for individuals to find and contact a therapist who can help them.

A New Partnership with Psych Central

Much like Theravie, Psych Central – a world-class mental health and psychology network – also values quality over quantity. So this week, Theravive ( and Psych Central ( announced a new partnership.

Psych Central was founded in 1995, and is published by John M. Grohol, Psy.D., a leader in providing online mental health resources. Notably, his work has helped tackle stigmas associated with mental health issues.

This new partnership will help users of Psych Central connect with mental health professionals, thereby enhancing their ability to find the support they need. By integrating a Theravive search box on Psych Central’s website, users can now access Theravive’s database of quality therapists and counselors.

Psych Central’s online traffic will also extend the reach of the Theravive directory, increasing the scope of our therapists’ target audience of individuals seeking therapy.

Every month, Psych Central welcomes more than 4 million visitors and offers them resources for mental health issues, support groups, opportunities to blog, and free scientific quizzes. In 2008, listed Psych Central as one of the Internet’s 50 Best Websites.

Theravive and Psych Central have taken a step forward in helping individuals seeking counseling find quality therapists and quality mental health resources.  Together, they will help individuals find the path to personal growth and healing.  

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