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August 9, 2013
by Ganga Daryanani, R.S.W.

Want Permanent Peace, Happiness and Contentment?

August 9, 2013 16:00 by Ganga Daryanani, R.S.W.  [About the Author]

Of course, we all do!  So why does it allude most of us? 

Because we have to work at it in order to achieve it. It’s the same principle about having a healthy body. We have to eat well, rest properly and exercise in order to reach our physical potential. If we don’t, our muscles get weak. We can’t walk far. We can’t lift much. We’re exhausted. We all know this. Or ever have a cast on your leg or arm?  Once it’s removed you can see the deterioration. Now you have to get therapy to build the muscles back.

“I exercise my mind all the time”, you might argue. Oh sure, we accumulate and analyze data. We’re always searching for information on the Net. We might even join a group to discuss the facts, but we’re still missing a piece of our life’s puzzle. We could be doing all of the above, and still be yearning for peace, happiness and contentment. Why?

We need to exercise not only our bodies and mind; but also our spirituality. We’ve either just never exercised our spirituality to keep it healthy, or symbolically we had a cast on restricting its use. This leaves our soul hungry for something it can’t quite put its finger on. We know what we want. We just don’t know how to get there. Everyone in the world wants peace. It’s in our soul, and we need it badly.

Imagine if we were as diligent with our spirituality as we were with our careers, our health and our goals. Unfortunately, we don’t apply the same discipline and dedication to our spirituality as we do to our body…....Until now!

I’m going to tell you how to exercise your spirituality. You’ll need commitment, discipline, and endurance. It’ll take a lot of focus, but I know you can do it. This spiritual exercise is Meditation. It’s only a ten letter word, but it really does pack a punch!  It’ll revive your soul and awaken your consciousness.

I have a simple meditation for you to try below.

However, if you’ve never tried meditation before, I want you to know your mind and thoughts may go in other directions. This is normal. Remember you haven’t exercised in a long time!  Be gentle with yourself, refocus your thoughts. Be patient with yourself.

Your mind is used to expressing itself with words and actions. You’re now training your mind to do something totally different. You’re going to hold that thought and direct it inward. Channelling inwardly will act like a key that’s going to open the Door to your Spirituality. We are all spiritual. Remember, some of us just haven’t exercised our spirituality in a very long time. It might even take some time to find that key!  But you will, with practice and patience, just like any other exercise program. Keep building your spiritual stamina. If your mind wonders, just bring it back to what you are contemplating gently. It’s okay. You’re in training.

Meditation, in the form of a focused silence, acts like a spiritual laser, dissolving the acquired germs and emerging the original healing energies of the self, such as peace and self-respect. {1}

Perhaps this is a good time to ask what exactly is Peace?

Peace has the meaning of harmony, balance, order and freedom. When we are free of waste and negative thoughts, then we can exist fully serene, fully at peace with everything.


 Definitions include:

·        Serenity which is a feeling of contentment, satisfaction and a feeling of completeness.

·        Calm is where the mind is like a pool of water with no ripples in it, everything is still.

·        Tranquility is when everything in nature including us is in complete harmony and balance.

·        Quiet and Stillness is when there are no movement of thoughts. I’m sure at some time we’ve heard someone ask for ‘peace and quiet’ from those around them, requesting silence.

Effective meditation means to gather the positive resources of the inner self and then use them in the outer world. {2}

So let’s give this one a try.


I remain absorbed in one thought, and in the stillness of silence,

 I am at rest, with a feeling of complete detachment from everything.

Peace is my original energy and treasure

 With concentrated thought I step inside and experience it.


Meditation is the mental exercise to link ourselves to that Unconditional Source.  As we make that link, purification takes place, liberating the mind from the limits of “I”, “my”, the past, resentments, and pettiness. {3}

So like anything new we add to our life, in order to make it a habit we must be consistent with our routine. When we physically exercise we need to give our muscles a rest. Fortunately, when exercising our spirituality, more is beneficial!   We never need to take a break from achieving peace and contentment. To begin a daily meditation routine, begin with 15 minutes in the morning, followed by 15 minutes at the end of your day. Be patient just as if you’re at the gym. You might feel you’re not making progress, but you are. As you become more comfortable meditating, increase your minutes to fit into your life schedule.


May you experience true peace, happiness and contentment in your life!



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Ganga Daryanani Ganga Daryanani, R.S.W.

Ganga Daryanani, RSW, was born in India and raised in many parts of the world. She received her degree in Social Work from Aemstelhorn University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and speaks Sindhi, Dutch, English and Spanish. It is always her goal to help clients achieve their optimum emotional and spiritual growth. The nature of her therapy is a practical blend of ancient Eastern and contemporary Western wisdom and is applied according to the client's needs.

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