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September 30, 2007
by Christie Hunter

Welcome to Life and Living

September 30, 2007 00:00 by Christie Hunter  [About the Author]

Hello everyone.  Since this is our first blog post, I decided an introduction would be a nice way to start things off.  

Why This Blog?

We felt it would be a nice addition to our site to add a blog.  This is a place where our therapists can come and share stories, antecdotes, messages of encouragement, advice, helpful tips, or perhaps educate by explaining therapies, approaches, counseling, psychological get the idea!

Share Your Thoughts

While our therapists write their contributions, we encourage you to join in the discussion.  Comments are open to everyone, whether you are a therapist or not.  So go ahead, let us know what you think and post a comment.

Please Be Civil

We decided to leave our comments unmoderated.  What does this mean?  Well it means that when you post a comment, it will go live, and we are acting in good faith that comments will be courteous and respectful of each other.  We hope that we will not have to change to a moderated policy, because its extra work, and it's just not best for anyone.  We all like to see our comments get posted right away, rather than waiting an unspecified amount of time, so it is my sincere hope that this will be a safe place for everyone.

Happy blogging!  





About the Author

Christie Hunter

Christie Hunter is registered clinical counselor in British Columbia and co-founder of Theravive. She is a certified management accountant. She has a masters of arts in counseling psychology from Liberty University with specialty in marriage and family and a post-graduate specialty in trauma resolution. In 2007 she started Theravive with her husband in order to help make mental health care easily attainable and nonthreatening. She has a passion for gifted children and their education. You can reach Christie at 360-350-8627 or write her at christie - at -

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useful and nice article.

Hi, I just finished reading your article, Boundries Series. That was great. I am so glad I ran across your site. The part about the resistance from relationships that are used to your unhealthy emotional boundries, who may find it difficult to react to. Your tip was to keep your limits and not give into your already set boundries, so that you will continue to assert your new relationship with that person, while considering the affect this will have on all your relationship also. This was a recent observation of mine, in a certain relationship I've recently, besides many others, set boundries. For my own personal growth. This was like finding gold, Wonderful! A much needed reassurance! You made my nite. Thanks again I will most defenitly be returning to read more about what you have to say.  

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