How We Love Seminar - 05/18/2013

  • Presented By: Milan & Kay Yerkovich
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Milan & Kay Yerkovich
  • Topic Area: Marriage Enrichment, Counseling Modalities / Treatment Options, Family Growth and Development, Individual Growth and Development, Parenting

  • Start Date: 05/18/2013
  • Duration: 7 hours including lunch
  • Daily Schedule: 9:00AM - 4:00PM
  • Registration Deadline: until event or when space is full

  • Location: 6830 Highland Drive Everett, Washington, 98203
  • Fee Info: $28 per person for the HWL seminar; there is also a Friday night training offerred free, see below
  • Open To: Mental Health Professionals, General Public

  • Contact Information: to register for more information

Milan & Kay Yerkovich (she's an LMFT), authors of the amazing book How We Love, which is based on Attachment theory, will be in Everett, WA for their How We Love seminar on Saturday, May 18, 9am-4pm at New Life Center. The registration fee is only $28 per person, and this is for singles and couples. Childcare for birth thru K is covered at NO CHARGE!

Milan & Kay have also agreed to offer a FREE How We Love Training at New Life Center on Friday, May 17, 6pm-9pm for therapists and lay counselors who have read HWL and are familiar with their material.

For more info on the HWL seminar, you can register at

Please let your colleagues, students, supervisors, supervisees, and friends know about this event. How We Love has made a huge impact in my own marriage of 30 years as well as in the work I do as a Marriage and Family Therapist!