7 Simple Step System 2 Heal ur Broken Heart

  • Presented By: Eris Huemer, MA MFT
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Eris Huemer, MA MFT
  • Topic Area: Individual Growth and Development

  • Start Date: 06/07/2010
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Daily Schedule: 12:00AM - 12:00AM
  • Recurring: This is an ongoing special
  • Registration Deadline: There is none. This is a recorded CD seminar

  • Location: This is an online event. Please see description for Details
  • Fee Info: $97 this is $100 off!
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  • Contact Information: Go to http://www.loveeris.com/shop.php It is the second Item in the shop. The original class was $495. It is on sale now for $97, which is $100 off of the CD Series.

If you have just gone through a Break-Up, Divorce, or if your Relationship is on the rocks then times like this can feel like a living nightmare!

Trust me, I've been where you are. Over and Over again!

How does healing your broken heart and getting into an amazing relationship in 2011 sound to you?

If you answered, "Great!" then grab my "Seven Simple Step System toHeal Your Broken Heart and Begin to Date." NOW!

If you are broken hearted, my system will help you fix it and get you well on your way to getting the love that you want  and DESERVE! 

There are over 19 million adults in this country who have gone through a divorce. Even more break-ups.

We have all at some point in time experienced heartache. 

If you are going through this right now, I want you to Get your freedom & your life back! 

I have helped HUNDREDS of individuals and couples just like you let go of their heartache and get on with their lives. 

Are you in pain from a romantic attachment? 
Going through an excruciating divorce or breakup? 
Just can't get over a past love? Got heartbreak?

During the beginning of a new year this pain can be magnified.  However, it can also inspire you to stop repeating your same patterns and FINALLY attract the love that you want and deserve!

My 7 Step System will guide you step-by-step in healing your broken heart and having the life and relationship you want and deserve. 

You can download in E-mmediately or get it in your hands. Start experiencing results right away!

My Simple Steps absolutely DO WORK.

So IF YOU NEED IT, or KNOW SOMEBODY WHO NEEDS IT,  get it while you can! 
It is on sale now for $97.00 The original class was $495

You will have it in your E-mail Box within minutes!

You will be glad you did.

* Let go of a romantic attachment, a breakup, or divorce.

* Release the pain of this attachment 

* Finally get over this tie that holds you back 

* Get to the point where you will attract the relationship you want and deserve.

If you can't X out your EX, then this program is for you.

It  will show you ways that will make you feel empowered, more confident, and aware that you can create the life of your dreams. 

You'll begin to feel in control of yourself, instead of being victim of your past relationship pains. 
Even if you can't see light at the end of the tunnel, even if you feel hopeless, my Tools will help you. They're designed to take you from heart ache to having major life break throughs.