Marriage Life Conference - 03/25/2011

  • Presented By: Marriage & Family Life
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Rob & Dori Olsen
  • Topic Area: Marriage Enrichment

  • Start Date: 03/25/2011
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Daily Schedule: 6:00PM - 9:00PM
  • Registration Deadline: Conference is: Friday Night 6pm-9pm and Sat 9am-4:30pm

  • Location: 3102 S. 23rd St Tacoma, Washington, 98405
  • Fee Info: Payment on Friday March 25: $130 per couple / Payment BEFORE March 25: $115 per couple
  • Open To: Couples

  • Contact Information:, or 253-301-4381, or use the 'Contact Us' page on

The Marriage Life Conference is packed full of life-giving, life-changing activities that each couple will use to enrich their marriage.  60% of conference time is used for couples to work together, privately, using various materials and tools to begin building a healthier, more dynamic marriage.

The enrichment activities focus on
communication and conflict resolution skills; emotional healing and bonding; how creative romance and playfulness builds commitment; learning each others love languages; how to build physical intimacy before sex; and more materials and tools to use after the conference.

Each couple will receive 1 complementary counseling session to be scheduled after the conference.  The counseling session is not mandatory, and based on each couple's need. 
The Marriage Life Conference will not heal all past pain and marital struggles, so an after-event counseling session is offered complementary.  All marriage counseling sessions are scheduled from March 28 through April 30, with sign-ups during the conference.