Adult Colouring Group

  • Presented By: Emily Beeckmans
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Emily Beeckmans
  • Topic Area: Individual Growth and Development

  • Start Date: 11/01/2015
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Daily Schedule: 11:00AM - 1:00AM
  • Recurring: The group comes together monthly to socialize and colour
  • Registration Deadline: October 31 2015

  • Location: The Muze Dance and Living Arts Hub, London, Ontario London, Ontario,
  • Fee Info: Free
  • Open To:

  • Contact Information:

Hey everyone! I have some very exciting new to share. For the next Colour Me Relaxed event I will be joined by  Emily Beeckmans . Emily is a social worker who shares my passion for mental health, wellness and creativity. She will be kicking off the event with a short presentation on the benefits of mindfulness. I welcome her knowledge and experience, and I am grateful for her assistance in bringing mindfulness to the masses.


"My name is Emily Beeckmans, I have been practicing social work in your community for 18 years. I offer psychotherapy and work place support to help you regain life balance. I use easy and simple tools to help you access your strengths to regain happiness and inspiration.


I am joining you on November 1, to explain how coloring is a form a stress release that helps your body and brain rejuvenate. I will present the biological benefits colouring has on all aspects of your life. I will also present what counselling offers you, how to access services and how sessions work to your benefit. I will remain for the entire session to answer questions.


I look forward to meeting everyone and hearing about how colouring impacts your mental state and why you enjoy coming together to be creative. Thank you for the opportunity to meet everyone and I am excited to see you create on November 1"