Hold Me Tight Weekend Retreat for Couples - 06/24/2017

  • Presented By:
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Mary Luard MSW, RSW, RP, Certified EFT Therapist and Amanda Green MSW, RSW EFT Therapist
  • Topic Area: Marriage Enrichment

  • Start Date: 06/24/2017
  • Duration: two days
  • Daily Schedule: 9:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Registration Deadline: Early bird by May 15 $625/couple; afterwards $650/couple

  • Location: 189 Queen Street North Kitchener, Ontario, N2H 2H8
  • Fee Info: $650/couple (Early bird by May 15 $625/couple)
  • Open To: Couples

  • Contact Information:

The effectiveness of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) has been demonstrated over 30 years of clinical research.  Its outstanding success has been heralded in many scientific journals, professional magazines and media such as the New York Times and Psychology Today.  The focus of EFT is the help partners to understand more clearly each other''s deepest emotions.  Feelings are often hidden, unexpressed or misunderstood.  Our relationships can be a cause of stress and pain or a source of comfort and joy.  In EFT, we help couples learn how to deal with their feelings together, reach towards each other, and be responsive in more loving and positive ways.  The GREAT news is that we are now bringing the EFT model to you in our Hold Me Tight Couples Weekend Workshop that will be Effective, Safe, Supportive, and Validating.  Most importantly, the weekend will be Positive, Proactive and FUN!  The tools you learn will continue to serve your relationship long after this weekend.  A cost effective and focused way to nurture your relationship as thousands of others are doing throughout North America and abroad.  Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy has the best outcomes for lasting change.