Understanding the Big Four

  • Presented By: Connections Counselling & Consulting
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Ted Leavitt, M.Sc., RCC
  • Topic Area: Specific issues and Disorders, Family Growth and Development, Individual Growth and Development, Addictions, Parenting, Youth & Young Adult, Children, Instructional

  • Start Date: 10/13/2012
  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Daily Schedule: 9:30AM - 3:30PM
  • Recurring: Once every 3 months
  • Registration Deadline: No deadline

  • Location: 36035 North Parallel Road Abbotsford, British Columbia, v3g 2c6
  • Fee Info: $60 for the whole day, includes one free follow-up one/one session with facilitator
  • Open To: Mental Health Professionals, General Public, Families, Teens / Young Adult

  • Contact Information: tedleavitt@connections-counseling.com 604-825-1832

Understanding the Big Four: Anxiety, Anger, 
ADHD, and Addictive Behavior

Many of us feel like we have no control of the world around us and maybe not even of our own behavior. This workshop aims to reduce that feeling by increasing our understanding of the impact of experience on brain development. 

During this workshop, the presenter will:

Explain how learning works, right down to our cells
Uncover the two simple rules that cause our brains to unwittingly betray us
Shed light on how to make changes using "The Math of Change"
Demonstrate how choice and self-awareness are permanently linked
Help to understanding the behaviour of both ourselves and others
Use a blend of humor, experiences, and real-world application to make the science accessible
Provide real-life, concrete strategies for making changes