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Is your relationship stuck?

Are you trying to recover from fighting, anger, or betrayal?

Does your marriage lack a sense of Trust? Passion? Hope?

Do you feel alone, even when you're with your partner? 

Has the time come to take a step toward a solution?

The counseling practice of Andrew Johnston, MDiv, MA, LPCI, focuses on providing real assistance to individuals and couples struggling with these questions and others.


About Mr. Johnston

“I have found no greater joy than accompanying someone on their journey of growth, healing, and change.”

Mr. Johnston’s own journey of healing began after stepping away from a career in financial marketing in order to work as a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity International. From there, he earned a Masters of Divinity from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University, where he focused his studies on leadership, service, and liberative education – education that leads to freedom.

He then began working for a neighborhood nonprofit organization, while also serving as a pastor to two Mennonite congregations. He also spent time volunteering with a fair-trade retail store, a soup kitchen, and an anti-poverty advocacy organization. It was during this time that his internal struggles with depression and pain led him to seek counseling, which changed the course of his life.

Five years later, in response to his own experience of healing, he attended Eastern Mennonite University’s Masters in Counseling program, where he was trained specifically in emotion-based, expressive, and experiential therapies; approaches that address both the symptoms and the deeper roots of one’s challenges.

Since then, Mr. Johnston’s practice has focused on helping couples find avenues to meaningful, trusting relationships, and helping individuals overcome injury, rediscover passion, and face the challenges in their lives with confidence.

“My own life has been an exploration – I’ve stood upon snow-covered peaks in Montana, ridden a bicycle across the United States, and wandered along barren canyons in Utah. And yet, the greatest adventure by far is exploring our inner world. It is there we must face our greatest challenges, and there we find our greatest joys.”



Mr. Johnston is licensed with the State of South Carolina as LPCI, and practices with the following specialties:

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (the most research-validated approach to long-term satisfaction for couples)

 Overcoming Infidelity  Resolving Conflict  
Men's Depression and Anxiety


He also regularly sees clients who struggle with:


Depression & Burnout

Parenting Challenges

Identity Issues & Faith Crisis


Grief and Loss

Bitterness and Anger



Mr. Johnston believes that each person possesses the wisdom, courage, and strength to deal with the challenging circumstances of their life, and the process of counseling can help them discover and access those resources. He believes that our emotions are a natural process of healing, and when allowed to work naturally, they pave the way to overcoming negative symptoms and opening the way to growth and change.

His work with couples focuses primarily on the emotional bond, attempting to establish a new level of trust and respect in the relationship. Once that foundation of trust is established, arguments are resolved much more quickly, tension begins to fade, and each partner begins to feel heard and respected by the other.


Healthy Men / Healthy Women

Part of my own journey has been a search for healthy examples of manhood. The popular culture so often portrays men as either mindless buffoons (Homer Simpson), argumentative blowhards (many politicians and commentators), sports heroes, or criminals. Many of us do not fit into these categories, and we know there must be other alternatives. Somehow, we can develop a healthy masculinity in ourselves that does not require us to dominate women or one another, but instead draws upon our deeper strength within; a strength that also includes compassion and wisdom. This is the path to manhood that each of us must walk, but we do not need to walk it alone.

Women also lack healthy models of femininity. They grow up surrounded by messages that their value stems from their physical features, their financial status, or their academic success. The path for women also involves accessing one’s strength and wisdom to face their challenges, and to grow into adulthood.

How can we walk this path in the face of a culture of superficiality? I was glad to discover resources to aid us on this journey: both current research on emotions and brain function, as well as ancient tools of metaphor, religion, and fellowship.

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Mr. Johnston’s office is located in the Pettigru Historic District near downtown Greenville, SC. You can learn more at

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