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Ø   Stuck in life? Need to find clarity that will reveal your calling in life?

Ø  What if there was a process that allows you to accomplish this? 

Ø   What if you could envision a career path that compliments your desire to impact others and inspires owning that direction?

Ø   What our programs do is reveal inborn abilities, which support distinctive careers of interest. Through critical self-inquiry we guide you to understand "what" domain fits your inner strengths and drives in order to thrive in an avocation that reflects your character. This leads to greater focus and prepares for finding"why"a meaningful career allows you to expresses your uniqueness offering greater satisfaction. 

Blair Hollis M.A. GCDF BCCC is committed to guiding individuals through the stress to find within themselves the clarity required to understand how their "innate gifts" support a career that is a reflection of their uniqueness.


Individual Counseling

Career Development and Education

Career and Vocational Assessments

Professional Burnout


Transitions Counseling


As a Board Certified Christian Counselor our unique approach is focused on guiding our clients to discover “who they are” as a fundamental component in their identity development. Each individual has been blessed with a talented mind that will allow him or her to thrive in certain professional domains. We assess those innate abilities that authenticate their capacity to perform in distinctive fields of interest. However, they require a subjective discovery process that reveals a pathway that illuminates and transforms the "I can't," to an "I can do this" mindset.

Traditional Career Developmental:

Traditional career development models use personality and interest assessments as a basis for exploration, but these instruments are limited by functionally depicting what "other" people have done in their careers and "how," rather than delving into "why" individuals pursue distinctive careers or the purpose of that endeavor. Being able to describe "why" creates a foundational platform to explore areas of interest.


My graduate school knowledge and training in counseling offers expertise from an innovative constructionist approach designed to draw from experiential knowledge that is implicit. Developmentally this allows for life themes to emerge that may be associated with Holland occupational interest themes that converge, revealing elements such as values, problem-solving styles, and inherent drive that compliment their innate talent.

Unique Approach:

Constructing this understanding necessitates a validation of one's subjective understanding of self and objective purview of their competencies to operationalize life’s purpose in distinctive occupational domains. Psychologists rarely introduce objective abilities instruments to augment cognitive impasses. Importantly, we offer individuals a rich understanding of "how" their natural abilities promote the confidence to elevate their self-concept, to visualize "why"their innate talents may support certain professional fields that have meaning, all of which illuminate their relevance in the world-at-large.


Our counseling goals are to stimulate the hearts and minds of our clients in a manner that allows them to disaggregate “who they are" in order to reconstruct their newfound self. It is a exploratory process that heightens their self-awareness of "how" to use their natural gifts in their personal and professional development that is crystalized as a “good fit.” Finally, it empowers them to enact strategies to fulfill their purpose and deploy their uniqueness by weaving their worldview within the world of work.


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