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  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate
  • 1100 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle, Washington, 98109
  • Phone: (206) 273-7570
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  • Session Fees: My fee for a 60 minute session is $175. I also see a limited number of clients at "reduced" sliding scale rates.

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Those that come to see me are usually suffering from stress and/or anxiety that is keeping them from living the life they want to live. However, many of my clients have overlapping issues for which they are seeking therapy.
For example, many clients self-medicate with substances such as alcohol or cannabis as a way of suppressing their anxious feelings. Some develop tech-addictions (from social media, to gaming, or even pornography, etc.) as a means of chronically distracting themselves from their anxiety. Others develop symptoms of depression as they find themselves worn down from their anxiety, isolated because of it, and not feeling like themselves anymore.

While there are a  number of conditions that fall within my scope of practice, I often refer clients to other therapists if anxiety is not among the main reasons they are seeking therapy. Please let me know if this is true in your case. If so, I will be happy to help you select a another therapist who will be a better fit.
There are a number of reasons why someone should seek therapy if they are dealing with anxiety. Anxiety can drastically reduce your creativity, focus, and productivity; it can significantly impact your health and shorten your lifespan; it can also make you feel miserable.
If you suffer from anxiety, treatment is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your future. The kind of scientifically vetted therapy I offer is by far the most effective approach to treating anxiety. This has been confirmed by decades of peer-reviewed research. This type of therapy works so well that it outperforms medications intended for those suffering from anxiety, such as SSRIs and benzodiazepines.
When I first meet clients, they often feel on-edge much of the time; they spend time worrying about things to which others pay no mind; perhaps they feel stressed-out, uncomfortable in their own skin, or under pressure; sometimes their heart beats are faster than they should be or they have tension in their shoulders, neck, or back; they may have trouble sleeping and may resort to substance use (often in the form of alcohol over use) or find themselves chronically distracted - through Netflix, Facebook, videogames, etc. - because these things habitually shut down the thinking that is driving their anxiety... most of the time, they do not even realize that this is why they are so distracted. 

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