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  • Psychoanalyst, Licensed Professional Counselor
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  • Phone: 973-331-0043
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  • Session Fees: Medicare and all eligible insurance is accepted - we are providers for most insurances. For those without insurance - fees are adjusted accordingly.
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We offer individual, family and gerontological counseling (adults, adolescents, teens and seniors) as well as couples counseling. I am a licensed psychotherapist and a Trained Psychoanalyst working with cognitive (habits of thoughts, emotions and behavior) & psychoanalytic methods (unconscious motivations).

For some, the shorter term cognitive therapy method and its focus on solution-oriented approaches may be ideal. For others, the therapeutic and insightful method of psychoanalysis may be the right fit.

Are you in transition or feeling stuck in your professional career? Lifestyle Coaching may be the answer for you. Attain the level of success that you know you're capable of reaching. Invest in your own personal and professional development with strategies and techniques mastered in shorter term coaching sessions.

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