Margo Milano, LCPC, NCC, CFLE, EAP-S

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  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Certified Family Life Educator
  • Sandwich, Illinois, 60548
  • Phone: 815-793-3313
  • Session Fees: Reasonable fees and a sliding scale make services affordable for everyone
  • This member is also available for E-counseling.
  • E-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM, Webcam

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Do you have concerns about your relationship or family life?

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, and other uncomfortable situations?

Do you need help coping with change or grief?

Are you struggling with pain or health issues?

Ms. Margo Milano, LCPC, CFLE, is dedicated to providing support and guidance for these issues and more, in a comfortable setting that you will appreciate.


Ms. Milano has lived and worked in DeKalb County for over 20 years and is committed to improving the lives of the people and community. She is strongly dedicated to raising the standards of counseling to be more skillful and competent to create faster, long-term life improvements. Ms. Milano asserts that everyone deserves time to be listened to with unconditional support and without interruption. It is a basic human right to have time to talk about stressors and receive help figuring these out. Unfortunately, society has forgotten to teach that we need time to release stress in the most fundamental human way: talking and learning about it. Seeking counseling is a strength.

In addition to her dedication to humans, Ms. Milano is an animal advocate and compassionate about the roles of animals within individual and family systems. Margo has been described as “endearing, warm, comfortable to be around, and pretty funny.”


Ms. Milano is a licensed counselor and family life educator who specializes in:

  • Anxiety, depression, chronic pain/health issues
  • Couples and family counseling
  • PTSD and abuse
  • Adjustment and coping difficulties

During the course of her studies, Ms. Milano became particularly interested in helping couples and families improve relationships and functioning. She dedicates a significant portion of her practice to those chronic pain, trauma, and grief. Ms. Milano also focused her studies and attention on working with communication and career difficulties. Her doctoral dissertation research is focused on chronic pain/illness, management, and systems of support, including pets.

Ms. Milano also works regularly with clients seeking support for:

  • Grief and loss
  • Communication difficulties
  • Work difficulties
  • Self-improvement, increased life satisfaction and happiness
  • Life transition and change issues

Ms. Milano will provide you with effective empowerment as a means to decrease stress, increase life satisfaction, and achieve your goals. Significant change is possible within a short period of time. In life, everyone becomes overwhelmed with stress or dissatisfied with relationships. If you are ready to feel better or resolve problems, her services may be an excellent fit for you. You will receive:

*Top notch expertise and skills unmatched by non-professionals
*Reasonable and clear guidance that is easy to understand
*Comfortable, non-intimidating, warm, and confidential atmosphere
*Objective, non-judgmental support and genuine concern for you
*Researched based approaches proven to be effective to decrease stress and increase satisfaction


Internal, relationship, and work problems make it difficult to live in the world today. Ms. Milano believes that increased life fulfillment will emerge from a willingness to genuinely find out what is going on inside us including thoughts, behaviors, and moods. The barrier to feeling better and achieving more in life is leaving internal processes unexamined. This is what leads to undesirable life situations or personal symptoms. Counseling is important for everyone. All people need time to process and reconfigure themselves to be more happy and effective. Similar to any life endeavor, work is necessary to obtain what you want.


Ms. Milano is presently working in her private practice located in DeKalb, IL and teaching at local colleges. She is in the last third of her doctoral degree in counseling. To learn more about her and her approach to psychotherapy, please go to


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