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My name is Perri and I am a licensed clinical social worker and a licensed addiction counselor. I built a psychotherapy and healing arts practice in Parker, CO because this is my home. I want to be a proactive member of the community by supporting the abundance of connection we all share.

People come to Radiant Psychotherapy for a variety of reasons from alcohol to anxiety, parenting to graduate school, trauma to wellness.

I help people enhance the wholeness in their lives by following their lead in the therapy room.

I offer a broad range of healing techniques to guide you on your journey.

Will you join me in creating your optimal life?

In the Therapy Room
 As a psychotherapist who has a background in social justice, mental health, substance use, trauma, and harm reduction, I bring a unique perspective to the therapy room. For some, it is refreshing and welcoming and facilitates exploration of the self. For others, this approach is unfamiliar and perhaps even distinctly different frompast therapeutic relationships.

After working together, the clients I serve have reported a significant development in their ability to process and integrate events in their lives. Some clients reported feeling tired afterward, experiencing the benefits days
later after having time to reflect on their approach to the world. Clients reported creating an added layer of depth to their journey. Some use our time together to release emotions that would otherwise fester and create chaos if
kept within themselves. Regardless of your growth areas and expectations for treatment, my aspiration for all the clients I serve is to provide them a space to access their thoughts and memories without having to pretend or hide. This is your time to be authentic, speak from integrity, and release obstacles to wholeness.
My Hidden Agenda 
My purpose as a therapist is to get you out of my office! No really! Getting you back into your authentic self and approaching the world from a place of compassion for yourself and others is my ultimate goal. Our time together provides you the practice space, wellness support, and sounding board essential to enhancing your life. 

How We Can Work Together 
I utilize various techniques depending on your growth areas, including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EDMR), Object Relations, and Feminist Therapy.  
Yes, I just typed a whole bunch of psychological jargon! Let me translate: I work within various methods, selecting the one(s) that suit your needs most effectively. I focus on presence of mind, the release of uncomfortable emotions, beliefs, and memories, and how our early lives shape our future.  
 Please contact me for a free 30-minute phone consultation to assess your needs.

LGBTQ* Folks 
The LGBTQ* community faces barriers when seeking therapy. As an LGBTQ* affirming therapist, you have oneless hurdle to jump! I especially focus on the trans* community and I am always thrilled to work with trans*youth.
I received specialized knowledge and supervision while working for the Gender Identity Center of Colorado. While there, I enhanced my understanding and compassion for the trans* community through reading books, articles, and blogs, having conversations with trans* folks and advocates, and working diligently in the therapy room to uncover barriers to transition and true gender expression.
Are you exhausted from the suffering swirling around in your mind? Do you want relief from everyday symptoms? Do you know all the skills to lead a fulfilling life but still find yourself stuck? Have you been in therapy many times without lasting results? These are only a few reasons to consider EMDR.

When we experience trauma*, we create negative beliefs about ourselves (“I’m in danger”, “I can’t trust”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m worthless”). These beliefs follow us into adulthood and shape our interactions and responses to
the world. From disturbing memories about a car accident to that time in third grade when the teacher called you “stupid”, EMDR can help people of all ages resolve these beliefs, emotions, and memories. 
I especially like to use EMDR with people who are stuck. They come to therapy time and time again without lasting results. They have significant barriers that no amount of positive thinking can ease. This tends to signify that there is a pervasive belief system that will not allow for change. EMDR can dismantle and rebuild this system into a flourishing garden. 

*There are two types of trauma, commonly referred to “Big T Trauma” and “Little t trauma”. “T” encompasses major events such as combat, exposure to terrorism, rape, physical assault, and natural disasters. “t” describes the everyday put downs, disrespect, or psychological damages that compound each other. 

In addition to psychotherapy, I practice a specialized acupuncture protocol called NADA. The NADA protocol is complimentary to psychotherapy in that it reduces stress and feelings of anxiety thus allowing for the exploration of emotion and telling your story. It is especially useful for reducing cravings associated with withdrawal and early recovery from substances, including nicotine and sugar. 

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