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Premier Drug and Alcohol Facility

Retreat is located on 24 wooded, serene acres providing the ideal setting for the early stages of recovery. The 120 bed campus includes common areas, dining room, treatment center, gymnasium, fitness center and patient rooms featuring locally handmade Amish furniture, full size beds, granite counters and ceramic tile showers.


Retreat's drug and alcohol rehabilitation program: Inpatient Detox & Rehab, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Care, Relapse Prevention, 12-Step Program, Coping Skills, Men's & Women's, Anonymous & Executive Programs, Young Adult Programs, Travel Arrangement Assistance (or pick-up). The Retreat at Lancaster County is a private, exclusive drug and alcohol addiction treatment center and detoxification program. Patients will experience custom-tailored treatment and recovery plans at our recovery center and rebuild their lives with Retreat's expert treatment and therapy teams. Retreat is a fully accredited rehabilitation center and accepts most insurance coverage, ensuring that our rehab patients receive the highest quality of care and treatment. Within driving distance of any patients from NJ, NY, PA, OH, MD, DC, DE and the mid-atlantic region, we treat patients throughout the United States and are headquartered in a private and luxurious facility in rural Ephrata, PA. Our main addiction treatment and recovery facility is just minutes from Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA). We offer private accommodations and modern facilities as well as drug and alcohol therapy programs that treat the whole person for lifelong wellness, not just the disease of addiction and its symptoms.

Mission Statement

To provide a compassionate and spiritual environment where those suffering from the disease of addiction can begin the journey to recovery by providing enlightenment and education to the individual and their families.

INPATIENT REHAB Treatment services

The Retreat at Lancaster County, PA provides a wide range of addiction treatment services including intensive stabilization (also known as detoxification or “detox”), individual and group therapy, and education in the social, biological, and spiritual aspect of addiction in residential treatment. Our inpatient rehabilitation and addiction therapy program consists of a phased approach to care for adults ages 18 years and over.

Initial Addiction Recovery Phase is typically a 30 day residential program (not including detox) with a variety of treatment programs and wellness options focused on the patient and tailored to each person as an individual.

Secondary Addiction Treatment Phase is a transition to extended care for men and women at our treatment facility in Pennsylvania (PA). This is a 30, 60, or 90 day program designed to provide a gender-specific, sober living environment to focus on rebuilding your life and overcoming addiction. The length of stay can vary, allowing a patient to apply the tools and skills learned during phase one, but in a realistic environment that includes access to outside self-help meetings, along with daily counseling (typically in groups) to address relapse triggers and warning signs.

Addiction Outpatient Care Phase is an outpatient aftercare program consisting of at least 1 x per week of therapy for a minimum of 8 months typically. Our clinical staff embraces the principles and philosophies of various Twelve Step programs throughout all phases of treatment.

The Retreat at Lancaster County adheres to the belief that the delivery of addiction treatment must be specifically oriented toward the age, culture, gender, and sexual orientation of each patient. Group therapy is provided in a gender-specific setting. During our admission process, every patient goes through a welcoming orientation with a detox counselor and is oriented to the treatment and standards of the initial phase 4-5 week treatment program.



Equine Assisted Therapy: Equine assisted therapy incorporates horses experientially for emotional growth and learning. It is an experiential modality in which patients learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with the hoses, and than discussing thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and patterns.

Therapeutic Table Massage: Therapeutic table massage is done on a comfortable, supportive table by a licensed therapist using massage techniques which can be given through clothing. The session focuses on the upper body – head, neck, shoulders, back, and arms. Table massage creates a nurturing space where patients can relax and let the soothing touch of massage loosen tense and achy muscles and calm the nervous system. Massage helps to release toxins from the body throughout the detox process.


Fitness Center: The Fitness Center’s equipment includes recumbent bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills, and a Nautilus weight machine. Regular exercise helps to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety as well as improves the quality of sleep. The Retreat at Lancaster County has a full gymnasium and frequent games of basketball and volleyball for all patients interested.

Recreational Therapy: This group is designed to help patients learn how to incorporate meaningful leisure activities into their daily recovery plan. This group facilitates team building, as well as the development of trust and communication skills.


Rhythm in Recovery Drum Therapy: Drumming is a dynamic, interactive experience that produces physiological, psychological and social stimulation that enhances he recovery process and incorporates the 11th Step. Our team is very musically inclined and often you’ll find patients and therapists in acoustic guitar jam sessions and discussing a wide variety of musical genres.

Tai Chi Program: This unique combination of physical exercise

Mindfulness Meditation, & Chanting: Mindfulness is the practice of focusing one’s attention on what is happening in the present moment. This can be helpful for dealing with feelings arising from living in the past or future. Meditation is the discipline of doing this. Mindfulness/meditation groups occur regularly for each primary group.

Stress Management: This group uses a combination of didactic presentations and experiential exercises to help patients understand and learn to manage everyday stressors.

Yoga: Yoga techniques are coordinated with the 12 Steps to help patients practice physical and, subsequently emotional surrender. Through practice, yoga helps patients begin to embody the 11th Step, encouraging them to quiet the mind, and be open to the guidance of their lives, identify a Higher Power and genuinely experience serenity.


Retreat at Lancaster County offers high quality, comprehensive outpatient treatment services. Retreat’s program includes partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and general outpatient on a daily basis. In addition, IOP is offered in the evening for those unable to attend during the day. We are here to help and accept most major insurances. For more information, please call Retreat’s toll-free / 24-hr Addiction and Treatment hotline at toll-free 855-859-8808.


Retreat’s PHP offers enhanced structure and additional therapy to individuals in need of daily treatment while still residing at home or in a Sober Living environment. This day treatment program is offered as a transition from inpatient treatment, to offer sober structure and healthy peer support.


IOP, offered daily, allows for continued treatment in a structured environment. Flexible programming, including evening sessions, is provided to accommodate any work or school schedule.


  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Life Skills
  • 12-Step Integration
  • Licensed Clinicians
  • Most Major Insurances Accepted
  • Courtesy Transportation Available

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