Susie Greenebaum, LCSW, MS Ed

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I bring many different experiences to my work as a psychotherapist.  Before opening my private practice, I worked in diverse clinical settings that helped me gain experience and insight in working with a wide range of issues.  Working in clinics and schools nourished me in many ways, but working in private practice allows me to delve deeply with clients to make lasting change.  I feel extremely fortunate to have had such success in doing this work.  

Through extensive training and my own practice of meditation and mindfulness, I've been excited to discover how they contribute to psychotherapeutic change. I've begun to help people learn these techniques in my clinical practice.

Lastly, I have spent twenty years in different roles working to make change in the public education system. I started out teaching kids and quickly noticed how their emotional lives impacted their ability to learn.  Since leaving the classroom, I have developed a specialty in building the social and emotional focus of schools, with the aim of helping school professionals understand that students cannot focus on academic work without engaging their emotional minds.  

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