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  • 5001 Birch Street, Newport Beach, California, 92660
  • Phone: 949-250-1423
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  • Session Fees: one time session of $175 per hour and 40% discount with free member sign up for package sessions.
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About This Business

SERVICES: CALL 949-250-1423
We offer a number of community services including;


Family Counseling
Blended Families Counseling
Couples with Different Religions Interfaith Counseling
Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)
Therapy For Recovery from Childhood Wounds
Divorce, Life Adjustments

Rebuilding Trust, Safety,
Conflict Resolution
Divorce Life Adjustments
Couples struggling with different faiths Inter Faith Counseling


Life, Success, Coaching
Hypnosis with Matrix Re-imprinting
Relationship Coaching
Parenting Child Mutual Support Coaching


Identity, Purpose, Relationships, Grades, Success,


Understanding the Meaning of Physical Symptoms that Don't Go Away
Cancer Recovery, Bone Back Issues and Recovery
Stress Management and Health Adjustments Issues
Anxiety, depression PTSD
Addiction Recovery
Substance Abuse Recovery Counseling
Energy Psychology: For Improved Mind, Body Health and Wellness including Energy Medicine, Tapas Fleming Acupressure TAT, and Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT,


Work and Career Issues,
Overcoming Self Sabotage
Business Relationship Coaching
Setting Completing Goals
Spiritual Religious Counseling
Christian Counseling
Interfaith Counseling
Spiritual Conflict
Personal Meaning and Fulfillment
Meta Psychiatry and Meta Healing with Energy Psychology


My name is Dr. Timothy Ryan.  I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Divinity.  I have been in practice over thirty years.

I offer Individual, Family, Couples Therapy with Mind, Body, Spirit Integration and Healing providing a highly personalized approach tailored to individual  and couples needs concerning a wide range of issues. I support all my clients with evidenced based therapy.  I can help you learn  practical relationship skills  and/or  health and wellness principles and skills which offer you a fast track to peace. I am committed to support you in a safe, confidential, comfortable and supportive atmosphere.  You'll find me easy to talk to and a compassionate beneficial presence.

Individual and Couples Relationship Counseling with Mind, Body, Spirit Integration is an important part of my practice as a therapist.  Some Individuals and couples come to me for help getting over a rough patch in their life or a single issues in a mostly-good relationship, while others come to see me at a crisis point and/or with their marriage on the line.

Either way, I can help you to understand what’s working and not working and help you overcome your barriers to move to the next level.  I can teach you easy to learn concrete skills that you can use right away to take your life and relationships to the next level.  You and your relationship are not broken and there is really nothing wrong with you except you have bad habits and certain limiting belief barriers in the way of your success.

I will also teach gentle stress reducing techniques for removing removing these barriers and help you in a step by step process build success in your relationship and life.    If you come as a relationship, I can help you rediscover why you fell in love to begin with and how to stay in love.  I've found people who are masters in their relationships are also masters in their life.  You will find me easy to talk to and fair minded to both of you.  Research has shown that if you think you need couples counseling the sooner you start the more benefit and less time it takes to reach your goals. Couples who wait only reinforce bad habits and take longer to unlearn and relearn healthy attachments.

Visit my website, www.drtimothyryan.com, to learn more about how I can help make a difference in your relationship.

I have offices in Newport Beach CA. and North San Diego, Bonsall CA. I am also available to meet with you by phone or internet  I encourage you to call me now at (949)250-1423 to discuss how we can work together. I look forward to hearing from you and starting on a journey of healing,

I'm also delighted to help you if you are an individual who is ready to move past personal sabotage in relationships and or career issues.  I have many techniques to support you to go to the next level.   I specialize in teaching you concrete skills and give you insights to get out of your way and step into your highest potential.

In addition, if you have physical symptoms that don't go away, I can help you understand the hidden meaning behind you physical challenge and correct it at the core level.   I practice as a Health and Wellness Counselor and I love helping individuals  return to their natural state of harmony, balance and wholeness using energy healing methods.

I hold  many Board Certifications  and Fellow and Diplomate Status with accreditation institutions and professional organizations who specialize in Professional Counseling, Integrative Medicine, Psychotherapy as well as Holistic Health and Energy Healing.

The Association for Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP) Miracles Ministry  is a federally-recognized 501(c)(3)  non profit, charitable organization Tax ID is 95-3455451.

We are dedicated to energizing and supporting the well-being of individuals, couples, parents and children by removing barriers to love, healing and enriching relationships and promoting conscious and intentional living for a compassionate world.

At AIWP, we strive to provide the highest quality coaching, counseling, and mind, body, spirit, and  health community services to our clients.

Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D., D.Div. is the Director, workshop facilitator and Lead Counselor at AIWP Miracles Ministry and, unless otherwise stated, provides all ministerial, community and individual, relationship counseling services.

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