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Margaret Masci, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Wellspring Counseling of the Finger Lakes 8732 Main St. , Honeoye, New York 14471

Addictions often arise when we are seeking something that is missing or when we are trying to get or maintain a certain "feeling." Sometimes we just feel lost, alone, hurt or bored. Whatever the reason, once we recognize that our addictions seem more in control than we are, it's time to get help. By identifying the motivations for use, one can then find the path toward change and wholeness. Take charge of your life and get what you truly want and need! Contact me for an initial consultation. I am here to help.

Jill Weldum, MA, LMFT, CCPT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Play

528 Oak St., Syracuse, New York 13203

Sexual addiction can consume your life...whether you are the addicted person or the person who loves them. I have worked with people struggling with sex addiction for many years, and know the steps needed to begin the path of healing, or move further on that path. Sexual feelings are inescapable for most people, which is why it requires a different approach than standard addiction treatment based on AA. We will work together to heal the wound underneath your addiction and create a healthy relationship for you with your sexuality. If you are the partner of a sexually addicted person, we will work towards healthy boundaries that will help you handle your loved one's addiction.

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