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Career / Jobs Counselor

Adair Hasty-Vannoy, M.Ed., LMHC, MHP, CMHS

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

621 Pacific Avenue, Suite 302, Tacoma, WA

Deciding what you want to do with your life can be stressful. With many options available to you, it is a hard and important choice, especially if your talents and interests take you in many directions. Whether you are a teen or young adult who is confused about what God has planned for your life, or if you are an adult who is considering a career change, I can help you process your emotions and needs so you can make a wise decision.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Robert Olsen, MS, LMHC, NCC, CTT

Licensed Counselor & Certified Life Coach

3102 S. 23rd St, Tacoma, WA

Career counseling takes a coaching, mentoring approach on an individual basis. We offer Individual Life Coaching services for women 14 and older who are seeking to make personal changes to break old habits by learning new, healthy life patterns. Career exploration, weigh control, fitness and nutrition, self-esteem and self-worth, empty-nest transition, and overall relationship health are key areas for women seeking to make life-long changes and/or career decisions.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Allred Family Therapy Center and Associates

Professionals Licensed in Marriage and Family Therapy, ect.

Just by seeking help and moving towards overcoming your challenges you will benefit from the help provided from career counseling. As your counselor we will help you discover the tools & needed communication skills to help you overcome whatever situation you are facing that is causing you concern. Our responsibility is to provide you a safe & neutral environment for you to work through & grow towards developing the needed career skills along with developing coping skills in other areas that are challenging you.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Patricia (Patty) Swanson, M.A., LMFT, LMHC, NCC

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

6922 22nd St. W., Suite C, Tacoma, WA

I love helping people discover their strengths for their present or future career. Feeling freed up to pursue your passions is a wonderful thing. I recommend an inexpensive but very accurate assessment tool to help the career seeker discover what would optimally match up with their skills, abilities, gifts and interests. We will also problem solve ways to be more effective in your current job so that you and your employer are pleased with your performance.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Veronica Anderson, MA, LMCHA, LMFTA

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

18537 1st. Ave. S. Suite B, Normandy Park, WA

We spend the majority of our days in our job. There are many factors that can create stress in a career; co-worker relationships, high intensity, dissatisfaction in job functions, and many more. I would like to help you understand where the frustration is, and how to combat it. It is possible that a finding your true career is needed, and that can be a scary process. We will work through that process together to ease the stress.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

While most career counselors love to give you capacity based profiles of what your talents and interests are for your best bet career choices, Grey Matters international believes that most people make predictably irrational decisions and then after making them learn way to make them fit into their identities using various types of rationalizations and strategies. We are able to assist folks in career counseling type settings by giving a deeper look at their decision making profile so they can better understand where the core frustration or desire is coming from in the world of work. Contact or 877-606-6161.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Jessica Miller, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Our careers can often define us, give us purpose, sustenance and direction. When a career ends for any number of reasons, it can leave people feeling lost, alone and stuck. My work with you begins with understanding who you are and how you got where you are. Together, we will talk about what makes you happy and work on a plan to help get you there.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Denita Benyshek, Ph.D., M.F.A., LMHCA

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

7650 SE 27th ST, Suite 503, Mercer Island, WA

As a psychotherapist and coach, I can help you define your career goals and support you while you take steps to create the life of your dreams. My services help people who are considering undertaking training or additional education, have difficulty searching for employment, or are undergoing transitions involved with career and work. I also often support to individuals who are engaged in work that is artistic or creative.

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Career Counseling in Fife WA.

Losing a job or getting laid off of work are severe events that can put tremendous strain on ones life and family. A career therapist in Fife WA, Washington can provide important tools and insight into dealing with work fatigue, burnout, difficulties with a supervisor or coworker, unemployment, and work skills assesment.

Find help navigating your future through skilled career counseling in Fife, WA. Whether you need help on the job, finding a new career, or are facing difficulties through unemployment and financial hardship, our Washington career counselors in Fife are licensed and trained to provide you the tools you need to change course and succeed. Financial counseling in Fife and career guidance with a professional therapist will help put your goals and your life on the right track.