Tameka Arnold, LMSW, SSW

Clinical Therapist, School Social Worker

Location: 22777 Harper Ave. Suite 208, St. Clair Shores
Fast Contact: Email or Call Tameka.

In working with young children I use play therapy primarily. My treatment modalities include individual and group counseling in order to assist the children with practcing the skills learned in a social setting. My focus with younger children include self- control and appropriate expression of frustration. In addition, I focus on social skills and adjustment concerns. Lastly, I work closely with parents on positive behavior supports and assistance with behavioral interventions.

Elisha Khurana, M.A., LLPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 23840 Dequindre Rd., Warren
Fast Contact: Email or Call Elisha.

Elisha's counseling approach is client-centered which means she compassionately listens to clients and assists them in developing their goals. Elisha's approach is based on exploring cognitive behavioral strategies, reality theory and is solution-focused. Psychotherapy is a process which enhances personal strengths and empowerment to reach personal goals. Counseling issues can be either mental health disorders or personal growth issues. Her specialty is Children, Adolescents, Women Issues, Couples, Marriage and Family Counseling. Elisha also works with individual issues including depression, grief and loss, anxiety and life transitions.

Krystal Kuehn, MA, LPC, LLP, NCC

New Day Counseling

Location: , Sterling Heights
Fast Contact: Email or Call Krystal.

Children experience many challenges and stressors at school, home and with peers. Sometimes they feel angry, confused, afraid, sad, and have difficulty coping which often leads to attitude and behavioral problems. Children counseling can help children face their frustrations, problems, and losses with confidence and strength. Their relationships, performance, and overall outlook can improve dramatically. Children can have successful experiences as they overcome life’s difficulties. We are here to help children and their families lead happier, healthier lives filled with hope and strength. Call us today!

Detroit Behavioral Institute - Capstone Academy, COA

Detroit Behavioral Institute | Capstone Academy

Location: 4707 St. Antoine Boulevard, 2 South, Detroit
Fast Contact: Email or Call Detroit Behavioral Institute.

At Detroit Behavioral Institute - Capstone Academy we provide on-site educational services using both traditional and program modified teaching methods, including web-based computer technology. Our residents attend Capstone Academy Charter School our fully certified educational provider pursuant to Michigan Law and authorized by Detroit Public Schools which allows staff the flexibility to balance educational requirements and clinical needs while also facilitating the successful transfer of credits and records.

Thomas Bruno, LLP

Specialist in Clinical Pyschology

Location: 43200 Dequindre Rd., Suite 108, Sterling Heights
Fast Contact: Email or Call Thomas.

On occasion, I do see young children of clients that I counsel. These sessions are usually with the parent or parents present. This is when I have them draw a picture of their house and tell where their room is. If a child is upset about something happening in his/her life, they may act out in anger. Allowing the child or children to express their feelings without penalty is important. However, if it is a deeper problem that cannot be fixed within a few sessions, I refer them to someone who specializes in young children.

Mary Kaye Lucier, MSW, RSW

Registered Clinical Social Worker

Location Near Therapist: Eastpointe, MI
Fast Contact: Email or Call Mary Kaye.

My first career choice was early childhood education. I worked in this sector for 13 years. As a family therapist, my years as an early childhood educator has enabled me to understand the needs of children and their parents very quickly and succinctly. As an individual therapist, I use my early childhood expertise to recognize your lost inner child's needs and feelings that have gone unmet and unrecognized for a very long time. I will help you to build a bridge between your hidden, fearful inner child and your competent, visible adult self. Together we will work to connect and integrate all of your lost and forgotten parts.

Wendy Limarzi, Hon B.A., MSW, RSW

Registered Psychotherapist

Location Near Therapist: Eastpointe, MI
Fast Contact: Email or Call Wendy.

My approach to counseling young children is one that allows your child to feel secure and trusting of myself. I have helped many children/adolescents gain confidence in themselves and/or make better decisions in their day to day life. I can provide tools for them to deal with conflict in a therapy environment that is non-judgemental and stress-free. I also engage young children in play therapy which is very effective for teaching children how to appropriately express their feelings.

Michael Govan, MA, LLP, LPC, LSGC, EMDR II

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location of Therapist: Troy, MI
Fast Contact: Email or Call Michael.

Children are very special people! I have worked for 23 years helping children to live a more satisfying life. Outside my office I've raised two into teen and adulthood. I've taught kids at my church for years, and I also am a Licensed School Counselor. Just 3 weeks ago I took on a 11-12 year old and we've already pushed through the most difficult part of treatment! Kids like the relaxed environment and the fact that I spell things out for them so they understand what we are trying to accomplish. I'd love to help your children work through the issues that keep them from achieving their goals. Give me a call and we'll start in a couple days!!!

Franklin Sollars, and Associates

Licensed Psychologist

Location: 1777 Axtell Dr., Suite 100, Troy
Fast Contact: Email or Call Franklin.

Children often express their experiences and feelings through play, and this becomes an important tool for learning about themselves and others. Children often express and resolve inner conflicts through their play. The therapist helps the child to express and understand the world through play activities - sometimes acting out conflicts and feelings, then interpreting (as appropriate to age) how a similar issue or feeling is present in the child's life.

Anthony Redmond, Ed.D, LMSW, LLP

Clinical Social Worker/Psychologist

Location: 23077 Greenfield Rd, Southfield
Fast Contact: Email or Call Anthony.

There are many children in the work that suffer from some type of behavioral or emotional issues that result in bad behavior. These children could suffer from autism, ADHD, ODD, or any type of childhood behavior, but the bottom line is to realize that they are not purposely doing it. The approach that I take to help children with their unacceptable behaviors are: cognitive behavior therapy, applied behavior therapy, play therapy, or art therapy.

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