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Are you wondering if your child could benefit from child therapy? Our therapists provide services to children of all ages. Who is Child Therapy For? As parents, we can usually tell when our normal efforts to help our child aren't working. There are times when we could benefit from more ideas for parenting. We want to give our child a chance to improve his or her own natural capacity to adjust and cope with challenges. Child therapy can help a child express normal emotions and is done often in conjunction with meetings with the parent(s). See our website about typical issues addressed with child therapy. Our child therapy services uses play therapy for children under a certain age.

Christine Marr, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

Location Near Therapist: Hyattsville, MD
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Concerned about your child & wanting to support his/her developmental adjustment for success? We offer holistic counseling & play therapy with non drug alternatives/ complements for children 3 years+. ADHD, anxiety, ASD, academic, behavioral, emotional & social issues, trauma, grief and loss, transitions & adjustment, attachment issues, adoption, coparenting, parent support, guidance & collaboration. Learn more at Services include collaboration & referrals with doctors & allied holistic professionals when appropriate. We have 20+ years experience working with children & families. Individual and parent-child therapy to hel

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

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Many times, child therapists overdo the family system in their quest to seek effective solutions for emotional, learning or behavioral concerns with young children. And many times doctors overpathologize issues that shouldn’t be medicated necessarily. This leaves parents wondering what is the best route for their child? Introducing brainwave optimization technology. A fast, effective, natural, and less expensive way to allow your child's brain to make the optimizing changes it desires to make---on its own! Without any external force, opinion, medication, diagnostic, etc. Contact or 877-606-6161.

Angela Sarafin, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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When a child displays a problem behavior it indicates either an unmet need or an inadequate or inappropriate boundary in one of more relationship. Unlike play therapists, my focus is on increasing positive and cooperative interactions between the child and his/her parents and caregivers and teaching the child positive coping skills to deal with anger, sadness, and disappointment. Most change for children happens outside of the therapy room, so it is important for parents, caregivers, and teachers to be informed and/or involved in the therapy process.

Linda Ritchie, Ph.D.

Licensed Professional Counselor/Marriage & Family Therapist

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Just like adults, sometimes a child or adolescent can benefit from therapy. We can help you identify the underlying cause of your child's problems and develop strategies to help you and your child to learn better, more effective ways of behaving and coping with frustrations, and solving problems. We have clinical psychologists and experienced therapists who specialize in working with children and adolescents.

Deborah Cole, Psy.D.

Deborah Cole, Psy.D.
Child Psychologist

Licensed Psychologist

Location of Therapist: Columbia, MD
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I have seen at least 1000 children and adolescents. Each one is different! Many have had learning disabilities, and many have had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Some have had Trichtoillomania (compulsive hair pulling), or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or Tourettes. With these a behavior therapy approach has been most useful. For younger children, I use play therapy as well as parent consultations. Parents need to be involved but they also usually need to allow the child to talk freely. for play therapy, I use puppets and/or drawing activities at the little table and chairs in my office. I might need to assess the child formally to determine any learning problems.

Fran Lewandoski, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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Is your child uncooperative? Having trouble getting along with others? I can get to know your child and his or her struggles through play-based therapy. I will also teach you how to help your child tolerate his emotions and regulate his behavior. In their early years, children rely on their parents to "co-regulate" themselves. In fact, a child's nervous system is not fully capable of "calming down" until he is about 9 or 10 years old. So our kids are uniquely dependent on us to help them bounce back from life's struggles and difficulties. I will help you develop the tools and strategies you need to help your child develop into the unique person he was meant to be. I invite you to contact me.

Jeffrey Crouch, LCSW-C


Location: 10632 Little Patuxent Pkwy Suite 313, Columbia
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I see children ages three to eighteen. I specialize in treating both behavioral problems and emotional problems. I treat depression, anxiety, and ADHD. I use play therapy to help children express their feelings which helps to reduce behavioral problems and emotional issues. I also work with parents to improve communication with their children, as well as parenting skills.

Kristin Rosenthal, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location Near Therapist: Hyattsville, MD
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Helping young children takes building a collaborative relationship with the parents, and offering parental guidance. We assess the developmental tasks and needs of that child, and sometimes suggest child-centered play therapy or play therapy. We also offer Sand-tray therapy, which allows children to show us their inner worlds in images and motion. EMDR can be helpful with building inner resources and over-coming traumatic experiences, such as medical procedures. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we look at children’s problems in the context of their whole lives. Sometimes helping parents learn to play with and understand the meaning of their children’s actions is the magic.

Jack Tawil, MSW, LCSW-C

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Location: , Severna Park
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Do you have young children and find yourself having a hard time managing your emotions and setting boundaries consistent with your own values and upbringing? This is the challenge of many parents. We are often given well-intentioned parenting techniques that are difficult to implement. This is not because we are not intelligent, but because it is likely that you have not worked through your own emotional issues to be most effective for your child. Through therapy, we can help you face unresolved issues so that you can be a more calm and effective parent.

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Child Psychologist Hyattsville MD.

If you have children who need professional counseling, a child psychologist Hyattsville MD, child therapist with Theravive is the best place to turn to. Each Hyattsville MD child psychologist with us has experience and training working with children and understands the unique dynamics involved in the treatment of a child in Maryland. We hope you will contact one of our Hyattsville MD children's therapists or child psychologists for Hyattsville, MD child counseling services and assessment.

Welcome to our network of Maryland therapists who specialize in counseling for children. A Hyattsville MD child psychologist or child counselor is a vital resource for helping your child move through and heal from difficult issues for healthy development. All of the therapists and psychologists listed here specialize in helping children and do so with caring and compassionate values that are important to you. Choose a qualified child psychologist Hyattsville, MD, or select a Hyattsville MD child counselor to begin the vital process of healing and helping for your loved one.