Therapy for Eating Disorders in Holland MI. Help for Anorexia, Bulimia & Food Issues.

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Eating Disorders

Kris Henderson, MA, LPC

Henderson Counseling Services, LLC

Within Driving Distance of Holland, MI

Binge-eating. Compulsive overeating. Food addiction. Overweight. Obese. All of these can make you feel you are obsessed with food, or eat compulsively and have a unhealthy relationship with food! Controlling your weight is a very personal journey, and very frustrating at times. Clients will have a safe place to feel understood, and learn new cognitive skills and techniques that help them think differently about food, eating, and moving their bodies. I assist clients in setting short- and long-term goals as well as provide motivating feedback that helps client with goal attainment to move towards a healthier lifestyle change!

Eating Disorders

Rob Deckert, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Within Driving Distance of Holland, MI

Body image and eating issues are so tough to deal with because it can sometimes feel like the one area of your life that you can control. Regaining a positive body image as well as healthy patterns of living and eating are essential parts of living a full life without shame. Freedom is the goal we are all shooting for and finding freedom from something as all-encompassing as an eating disorder is never easy, but can be one of the most rewarding things you can do with your life.

Eating Disorders

Kerry Hart, LLMFT

Couple and Family Therapist

Within Driving Distance of Holland, MI

Eating disorders can also be passed down in families and it is important to identity these traits early on in order to go through recovery. All to often blame is passed for the development of eating disorders, but in my experience that is not nearly as important as identifying the cause and providing tools to pull the client out of their pattern of problem behavior. I will provide tools for not only the client in question, but also any room mates, partners, and/or family members who want to be a part of the recovery process.

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Eating Disorder in Holland MI.

Eating disorders can be life threatening if not treated. If you or someone you love in Michigan is struggling with binge eating, bulimia, or anorexia, Holland MI counseling for eating disorders is vital to recovery. Theravive Michigan therapists who specialize in eating disorder treatment Holland, MI can help you to a full recovery. Anorexia and bulimia are devastating in Holland MI to those who are suffering. Contact a Holland MI treatment therapist for eating disorders to begin your recovery.

Welcome to our network of Holland eating disorder therapists. If you or a loved one is struggling with anorexia, binge eating or bulimia, eating disorder treatment in Holland, MI is available to you. With professional and caring eating disorder counseling Holland MI, hope and healing is within reach. Michigan therapists who specialize in eating disorders, Holland, can give you powerful tools and treatment that are aimed at curing the problem, and restoring individual dignity and self worth.