Ken Clark, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Location: 7600 Highway 107, Suite E , Sherwood
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Treating grief and loss starts by realizing that there is nothing a therapist can do to change the emptiness in the heart of someone who's deeply missing someone else. Instead, our approach to grief and loss centers around helping people who have experienced a loss to survive the tidal wave of emotions they experience day-to-day. The staff of Chenal Family Therapy PLC seeks to help you hold onto the memories of your loved one and let go of the grief.

Cody Willis, M.S.M.F.T, L.P.C.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 4700 W. Commercial, Suite B-1, North Little Rock
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Our culture minimizes loss and blocks grief all too often. This mentality offers no direction for a person experiencing loss. No direction results in getting stuck and no end to the suffering. Clients benefit from addressing, processing and honoring a loss or grief appropriately rather than avoiding the situation emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We will work together to give full value to the loss you feel and experience and grieve that loss appropriately. This allows you to move into a healing period rather than continually being stuck in loss and grief with no direction. View my personal website at today for more information.

Susan Giron, LCSW, CSAT Candidate III

Clinical Therapist

Location of Therapist: North Little Rock, AR
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Learn to cope and live after the loss of a loved one. Grief is a five stage process that can be navigated, leaving you whole. There is life after death for the grieving, and it helps to move through the process with someone who has been there, too. I am that someone. I've been through parental deaths, pet deaths, and that of my only son. I made it through and you can, too. Call for help--you don't have to be alone.

Scotty Smittle, MS, LAC

Licensed Associate Counselor

Location: 1125 Oak Street, Suite 201, Conway
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In the wake of a loss emotions can range from anger to fear. My goal in this process is to avoid comforting with thoughtless cliches and instead to sit with you in your pain, to process each emotion as it comes without judgment, and to help you establish a plan to move forward. I strive to do all this with the ultimate goal of honoring the memory of that which you have lost.

Julia Johnson, MA, LAC, CRC

Behavioral Therapist/Rehabilitation Counselor

Location: 1701 Centerview Drive, Little Rock
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At some point in our lives, we will encounter a significant loss, or losses. My experience as a former grief group co-facilitator, in addition to personal family losses, allows me to relate to individuals dealing with grief on a more effective level. It is important for people who are going through this experience to process through their grief. My goal is to offer individuals a safe and compassionate place where they can begin to heal from their painful losses.

Grief Counseling Sherwood AR.

The death of a loved one is arguably the most traumatic experience any of us can face. The goals of Sherwood AR grief counseling are recovery and acceptance. Sherwood, AR trauma counseling seeks to help an individual process, debrief, and cope with an extreme stress. Recovery from loss through grief counseling Sherwood, AR does not mean that all of the pain, memories or significance of a loved one are resolved, but that one is able to accept what has happened, and that those experiences and memories are an important part of life, but not all consuming. When you see a Sherwood AR trauma therapist or Sherwood AR grief counselor, you will find a listening ear. There are several stages of grieving, and compassionate therapy in Sherwood AR can be a strong shoulder that will facilitate healing. Sherwood AR grief therapy and counseling in Arkansas can help one move through the shock, trauma, and acute suffering, so that you are not destroyed by what has happened. Most likely, there are still loved ones in your life who need you, and if you are grieving, you may utterly lack any emotional energy at all to deal with them. Sherwood AR grief counseling can help stabilize you.

If you have experienced the pain and trauma of loss, grief counseling Sherwood AR with a licensed therapist can help you move through. A Arkansas grief and loss counselor has training and experience in helping people who have suffered loss to find strength, to cope, and move through the trauma. Sherwood grief counseling can be an important tool to help you through this difficult time. And while nothing anyone can say can completely heal the pain, you can still find strength to cope and to find hope in the darkness. Therapy is a very important part of moving through grief. Please contact a Sherwood, AR grief therapist below today.