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Sylvia Khromina, Psy.D.

Psychotherapist and Relationship Counselor

350 Parnassus Avenue, Suite 601, San Francisco, CA 94117

I believe that humans are naturally oriented towards growth, development, and inner fulfillment. If you are feeling stuck in one or several areas in your life, I am here to help. I specialize in helping people overcome relationship problems, manage stress and anxiety, relieve depression, effectively move through life transitions, identify life goals and develop a plan for carrying them out, improve self-esteem and self-concept, heal from painful or traumatic life experiences, and come to know and understand themselves more fully. My approach integrates several leading-edge techniques including mindfulness, relational work, emotion-focused therapy, and depth psychology.


Natalie M. Mills, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

870 Market St., Ste. 1055, San Francisco, CA 94102

Feeling stuck in a cycle that is causing you pain or a lack of fulfillment leaves you open to increased stress, followed by more pain and lack of fulfillment. This puts a strain on your relationships and your sense of well-being. Maybe you feel stuck in addiction, depression, anxiety, a relationship you want to change, a job that doesn't satisfy you anymore. Maybe you have specific ways of interacting with people that you find doesn't serve you anymore- yelling, arguing, passivity, keeping your guard up. We explore your patterns, your symptoms and the reasons they were useful to you. I will teach you knew ways of managing your emotions and ways to diminish patterns that no longer serve you.


Joanne Davis, M.A.

Marriage and Family Therapist

582 Market St., Suite 415, San Francisco, CA 94104

I help adults finally become who they were meant to be, rather than who they needed to be as children to fit in, feel loved or to cope with overwhelming situations or traumas. The residue of confusing, and self-alienating, childhood beliefs such as: I’m unlovable; unworthy; incompetent; unsafe or I can’t get my needs met, can interfere and sabotage a fulfilling life. It can cause depression, anxiety, poor relationships and addictions. In working together we can gently, and collaboratively, discover and amplify an authentic sense of self-knowledge, confidence and empowerment. We transform old patterns and traumas so they lose their power. We clear a path for more harmony and fulfillment


Josie Valderrama, Psy.D


842 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

My approach to psychotherapy is collaborative and compassionate, with a focus on providing emotional support and proven tools with empathy and sensitive discernment. I provide a space where you can authentically express yourself, strengthening your inner resources and self-determination as you move towards greater life satisfaction, clarity, and peace of mind. I am here to help you find relief and well being.


Maureen Fiorelli, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

582 Market Street, Suite 312, San Francisco, CA 94104

I have been working as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for the last 17 years. I began my training as a psychotherapy intern while working at the AIDS Health Project of UCSF in San Francisco. I learned Brief Therapy techniques but also now provide long term psychotherapy for people wanting to do longer term work. I believe people enter psychotherapy for different reasons-sometimes to lower distressful symptoms they are experiencing. Other people want to examine issues from childhood that may have recently surfaced. Some are dealing with relationship issues. And still others want to gain a sense of awareness and insight- I have so often heard "I want to know myself better."


Sandra Amat, MFT

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

2171 Union Street #6, San Francisco, CA 94123

My style of psychotherapy is about helping clients increase their Emotional Intelligence, which means having greater self awareness and ability to manage one's own feelings and reactions while in the presence of others and their feelings and reactions. I combine Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Body Awareness Practices, Eye Movement Desensitization Repossessing to help process past hurts, with Mindfulness Practices to help clients know themselves more deeply and be more connected to themselves. When people can have greater intimacy with themselves, they can have greater intimacy with others.


Erika Shershun, MA, MFTI

Somatic Psychotherapist

465 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

Have you been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, unmotivated, easily triggered, or a lack of vitality? If you're reading this you may desire relief from these or other symptoms. The good news is that each one of us has an innate capacity for growth, integration, and healing. I offer empathic, nonjudgmental and non-pathologizing support and guidance. Together we can awaken resources needed and develop new ones as wounds and defenses loosen their grip, symptoms are alleviated, and you begin to feel more ease and joy in your daily life.


Laurie Chandler, MA

LMFT 86949

416 Fair Oaks St., Ste. 414A, San Francisco, CA 94110

The Greek meaning of psychotherapy is to "tend soul." Talking to a therapist, working with dreams and symptoms, and listening to yourself can improve your life. I help people make choices from a place that resonates with their deepest self. My goal for you is well-being, happiness, and meaning in your career, relationships and creative pursuits. Therapy can give you a new perspective on long-standing or new problems and dynamics. We look at the past or stay in the present as needed. There is no judgment or assessment simply a dialogue to focus on you and your own healing process.


Kyle Corsiglia, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

2171 Union Street, San Francisco, CA 94123

You will gain more self awareness and practical skills to manage your life better. Whatever your concern, it becomes a vehicle for you to understand and transform outdated thinking and ways of being that may no longer serve you . We will explore the opportunities inherent in your life's circumstances and look for ways for you to be happier, healthier, more confident, and connected. You will discover and learn about yourself, and develop new skills that will help you in all areas of your life.


Elizabeth Hayes, Psy.D, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

1195 Valencia Street, Suite 4, San Francisco, CA 94110

Finding a therapist that you connect with can be a daunting task. Making connections is one of my strengths. I have the utmost respect for each person seeking therapy and for the therapeutic process itself. Whether you are struggling, going through a transition, or looking to better understand your inner world our work can help you achieve new levels of awareness. My style is warm and non-judgmental. We can work together to uncover and understand how your unique individual life experiences shape how you feel and live. Together we can strive to make meaning, increase awareness, and minimize suffering.

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