Mari Casares, Ph.D.


Location: 3999 Sheridan Street Suite 201, Hollywood
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Casares.

Psychotherapy is a journey into yourself. It is a treat to take time, slow down and understand yourself. We all have a story. The story we have written about ourselves defines who we are . In psychotherapy I help people see and understand the story they tell themselves. The problem is that the story we tell ourselves can be filled with obstacles, negativity, and darkness. I can help you rewrite your story so that you can find resources to overcome those obstacles, light in the dark places, and ultimatly a less burdensome way into the future.

Patricia Jaegerman, Psy.D.


Location: 2450 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 200A, Hollywood
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Jaegerman.

I see psychotherapy as a path for a more fulfilling and satisfying life. We often don't live up to our potential. The process of self discovery and awareness, created in psychotherapy, uncovers a number of opportunities and personal skills to live life fully. Many times, people choose psychotherapy as the last resource when faced with emotional and interpersonal problems, and this is usually the first step to living a richer and more meaningful life. My approach is based on strength, growth and opportunities. From our struggles and difficulties we learn about or weak areas, however, psychotherapy pulls out the strength and the resources from within to transform those weaknesses.

Jason Wasser, LMFT, CAP

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Location: 2028 Harrison Street Suite 207, Hollywood
Fast Contact: Email or Call Jason.

Thankfully as the years pass there is less of a stigma about individual psychotherapy. With my many years of traveling I have realized that this paradigm in South Florida has shifted. It used to be there must be something wrong with you if you go to therapy while in cities like New York, there is something wrong with you IF YOU DON'T have a therapist! Individual therapy is a gift to yourself that will help you identify stuck patterns and unhelpful ways of solving problems in your life. It can also be a place where you have an unbiased sounding board working with you to reach your goals. In my office, I offer a safe space for you to work towards your goals whatever they may be!

Maria Sue Butler, LMFT, Supervisor State Of Florida

LMFT Diplomate, Certified of Anger management

Location: 6790 TAFT ST, HOLLYWOOD
Fast Contact: Email or Call Maria Sue.

When clients graduate from treatment, they take with them a box full of "tools", such as effective anger management techniques, avoiding confrontations that lead to negative expressions of anger, resolving conflict peacefully and quietly, making the right decisions in every aspect of life, and perseverance to always build skills against life's problems and apply them consistently.

Stan Hyman, PhD., LCSW

Dr. Stan Hyman

Location Near Therapist: South Florida, FL
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Hyman.

Psychotherapy or counseling can be brief and focused on a particular issue. Sometimes it can take the form of Life Coaching, focusing on creating and reaching goals and helping you to gain clarity and make better decisions. It can also be a vehicle for helping someone to examine his life more fully and gain a better understanding of what drives or motivates him.

Joan Childs, LCSW

Joan E Childs, licensed clinical social worker

Location: 2500 E Hallandale Beach Blvd. #503, Hallandale
Fast Contact: Email or Call Joan.

I have been in private practice as a psychotherapist since 1978. I have developed several certifications in many modalities that are effective when treating my clients. I always try to choose the modality that is tailor made for the client, but I have learned that the most effective treatment is the the therapuetic alliance that is created over time. If the client feels that the therapist is caring and there is a soulful connection, that is more effective than any skill or tool I have. My choices of modalities are like golf clubs in a golf bag. I choose the one that will be the most effective for that client in the moment. If you only have one golf club, you play a lousy game of golf!

Isaac Farin, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Location: 20197 NE 16th Place 2nd Floor, North Miami Beach
Fast Contact: Email or Call Isaac.

Clients benefit from psychotherapy because they are able to communicate with a non-judgmental, non-biased, and objective therapist who is trained to assist the client in their life difficulties. Psychotherapy encourages the individual to use their mind and the body and their connection in creating necessary changes for their life situations. Clients will learn how to identify certain problematic patterns that they need to change as soon as possible for a better quality of life.

Coral Arvon, Ph.D. ,LMFT, LCSW

Coral Arvon

Location: 2630 Ne 203RD St # 103, Aventura
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Arvon.

First and foremost, you must feel that your doctor understands you, gets you. Then finding out exactly what you need and want I will choose the techniques that will get you there the fastest, the best current methodology available. Psychotherapy is helping you live life , becoming free of fear and uncertainty, and having love and joy instead. Learning to be present and mindful will stop the endless hours of worry and stress. One must not "look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness".

Ilianna Luna, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Location: 7520 NW 5th Street, Suite 206, Plantation
Fast Contact: Email or Call Ilianna.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I am able to provide a more comprehensive level of psychotherapy to my clients by viewing the situation through a systemic lens. This means that I learn about my clients' family, cultural, and spiritual background, their social context, and any medical issues in order to make sense of the situation and provide therapeutic support. I work collaboratively with my clients to discover what works best for them. I believe my clients are capable of making changes, the context just has to make sense in order for them to visual the situation differently. I help my clients align what they think, say, and do, creating a sense of harmony in their lives.

Sofia Robirosa, MBA, LMFT, CAP.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Addictions Professional

Location: 7520 NW 5th Street, Suite 206, Plantation
Fast Contact: Email or Call Sofia.

Are you looking for change in your life? Psychotherapy is an effective way to help you achieve this. Whether you are looking for change as an individual, in your romantic relationships, in your family, or your career, we can work together and co-create solutions that are effective and long lasting. I provide a safe and confidential space for you to explore your goals. I look forward to hearing from you today! Call me for a free consultation at 954-805-9513.

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