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  • Pre-Licensed Psychotherapist/Counselor
  • 350 Parnassus Ave, #601, San Francisco, California, 94117
  • Phone: 415-506-9777
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  • Session Fees: I have a set fee that I charge for psychotherapy and consultations. My fees are in line with those of pre-licensed psychotherapists with similar amount of experience. I also have a limited number of sliding scale slots open.

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I believe people are innately wired and motivated to try solving their difficulties and making themselves feel better, but some struggles cannot be resolved alone or without professional help. Professional help and support, such as psychotherapy and counseling that I offer, can help people to feel better and have better relationships, make sense of and decrease some debilitating feelings and experiences, and unlock some rigid ways of being. Psychotherapy can also help people to develop some essential skills, which will help them deal with life and their environment better, and can help make meaning of life and connect to their and others’ genuine selves.
I am dedicated to providing professional services in a safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental environment, within which a person can thrive. I remain open-minded about people’s lifestyles and self-expressions, and emphasize that each person has innate and acquired strengths and talents, which can be used in and outside of therapy to foster growth and increase the quality of life.  My overall approach is warm, collaborative, as well as directive when needed. I am also committed to being thoughtful and curious about every person I see in my practice.  
I was well-trained to provide culturally-sensitive and tailored therapy that helps people to live balanced and meaningful lives that feel authentic to who they really are. I provided mental health services to racially- and ethnically diverse people in San Francisco's, Oakland’s, and Berkeley’s communities for over 8 years, working with immigrants and natives; teens, couples, and families; artists, students, and working professionals; and veterans, traumatized people, and those involved in special education and child protective services systems.
My psychotherapy style combines psychodynamic, relational, CBT, and mindfulness-based techniques, and focuses on genuinely understanding and addressing the needs of a person. My approach is also is also informed by my previous assessment and research work. While conducting neuropsychological and psychodiagnostic assessments, I learned to identify ways in which individual biology and psychology are highly interconnected, and how to identify and intervene on consequences from traumatic brain injuries and other disorders, such as ADHD. My research focused on correlates of well being and relationship satisfaction in same-sex and straight couples, which became one of my expertise areas in psychotherapy.
We can start with an initial free-of-charge phone consultation. We can use that time to begin understanding your needs and goals, how they could fit with my working style, or how psychotherapy works in general.
Psychotherapy is provided in English and Russian. 

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