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  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Grief Recovery Specialist
  • Baltimore, Maryland, 21207
  • I am not accepting any new clients at this time. No solicitations please.
  • Phone: 240-459-9464
  • Session Fees: Individual -$100.00 hr. , Grief Support Group- 2hrs -$100.00
  • This member is also available for E-counseling.
  • E-counseling methods: Email, Phone

If what you have been doing has not helped with your grief, it's not because of what is wrong with you. It's because of lack of correct information. The Grief Recovery Method ® can help you complete your relationship to the pain and loneliness caused by significant emotional loss.

Months of counseling did not help me when I experienced significant loss but the principles of the Grief Recovery Method did. Others noticed the change in me. I completed the training to become a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist with the Grief Recovery Institute, to help others who are dealing with loss, recover from grief also.  

Recovery from loss is achieved by a series of small and correct choices made by the griever. It is my job, using The Grief Recovery Method ®, to explain those action choices to you, and guide you in taking them. See website for introduction to The Grief Recovery Method®

Take the steps to recovery.

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