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I am a licensed Marriage and Family therapist with a Master's degree in counseling psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I am analytically oriented and have had extensive training in dreamwork, sandplay therapy, and working with the imagination. I have attended numerous seminars and intensive programs, and am an analyst in training at the Jung Institute of Los Angeles. Besides doing therapy and analysis with clients of all ages and cultural backgrounds, I frequently work with actors and creative individuals, helping them to connect with the deeper layers of the imagination that feeds and nourishes their artistic work.

I specialize in working with individuals who want to connect more deeply with their inner lives, their dream, and unrealized potentials. Together we explore hidden aspects and dynamics of the Self. As we do this, individuals often find outer life, including work and relationships, change and find themselves more in harmony with inner wisdom and guidance. 

Although I work in the spirit of C.G. Jung and other depth-oriented psychologists, I am flexible in providing the type of treatment that is best suited for each client, whether it is more structured when navigating in times of crisis, during difficult life transitions, and challenging relationships or more analytic in times of self-exploration or when exploring the inner dynamics of the psyche.

I pay close attention to the ignored or repressed sad, angry, and out of tune parts of yourself that stand in the way of living up to your full potential. As we navigate outer and inner times of confusion, you will learn anxiety management and effective communication techniques, and find ways to keep going through depression and grief. My interest is to help you find and hold onto a sense of meaning, fulfillment, and self-worth in times of chaos and disorientation. The goal is for you to be fully you on many levels, to find contentment, and connect to that which supports and nurtures you when nothing else does. 

I am an avid reader and resonate with writers such as C.G. Jung, Marie-Louise von Franz, Marion Woodman, and Robert Johnson. In addition to being a psychotherapist, I have been trained as a botanical artist, worked for a non-profit organization for many years, and have traveled in other cultures. I have practiced meditation for over 35 years and enjoy the solitude of walking and being in nature in my free time.  

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