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Dr. LaFrazza provides therapy and assessment for individuals and couples across the lifespan and with a wide range of concerns. She is a licensed psychologist with over ten years of experience in psychology. She holds a Doctorate and Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology as well as a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. Dr. LaFrazza has extensive experience working with depression, anxiety, chronic illness (such as cancer), relationship concerns (including couples counseling), sexual assault and other interpersonal trauma, women's issues, grief and loss, divorce, and various life transitions and day-to-day stressors. She works with children and adolescents on issues such as family and school difficulties, shyness, bullying, mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, body image concerns, and coping with parent divorce. Dr. LaFrazza also has a unique expertise in healthy sexual development of women and girls, which is an important area across age ranges. I

Clients describe Dr. LaFrazza as empathic, accepting, and genuine. She believes firmly in the resilience of people and their ability to handle challenging therapeutic work. To this end, Dr. LaFrazza’s clients are able to make significant gains even in the shortest of treatments. She approaches most cases with a two-pronged strategy which includes generating and implementing a plan to offer symptom relief, as well as working to identify and modify root causes for a client’s presenting concerns. Dr. LaFrazza works within an integrative and eclectic therapy model. Her style is most influenced by psychodynamic, humanistic/existential, and feminist theories, although she uses techniques from many different approaches. Dr. LaFrazza knows no two clients are the same and therefore therapy works best when she tailors her approach to each individual. Dr. LaFrazza also empowers clients to take ownership of their own therapy by being actively involved in the tailoring process. Dr. LaFrazza has an enduring respect for her clients and feels continually honored to share in their stories.

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