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  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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  • Session Fees: Free phone consultation. $130 per session. Prefered provider for Cigna, United Behavioral Health, Tricare, Magellan and others.

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Perhaps many of us wish that our lives were easier, happier, less frustrating, more satisfying, or filled with meaning and positive experiences. At times, life circumstances may be out of your control. Sometimes you may feel you have the power to change your situation, and other times you may feel that you do not. Even when your external situation cannot be changed, your internal world, like your thoughts and emotions and the way you view the world is within your control.

Everyone suffers to some degree whether it be from a lost job, a traumatic event, ongoing depression, anxiety, the state of the world, or worry over a loved one. Or maybe you are having difficulty in your marriage or relationship or coping with postpartum depression and transitioning into life as a parent, or suffering from grief from the loss of a loved one. Life is full of these experiences. And it can be difficult to figure out what part of our experiences are within our means to change and what part we lean into with acceptance.

Therapy is a process of discovering your own wisdom to discern how to move forward, what you can accept, and what you want to change. And often, it is through the act of accepting our circumstances for what they are that change begins to happen. But that is a scary road to go alone. Therapy is a process for not only overcoming fears, anxieties, depressions, and grief, but also of developing an empowered and deeper relationship with oneself and as a result, with others as well.
  • I accept insurance and I am a preferred provider for Cigna, United Health Care, Tricare, Magellan, Beacon/Value Options and can work with you and your insurance carrier if out of network benefits are an option.

About me:
I graduated from the University of Denver in 2008 with my doctorate in clinical psychology and practice as a licensed psychologist.  I have held faculty positions with the University of Washington and the University of Denver.  I am currently adjunct faculty with the International Disaster Psychology Masters Degree program offered by the University of Denver.  In addition to private practice, I have experience in medical settings, college counseling health centers, and community mental health. 
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