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People seek therapy because they want help.  You  feel stuck in an unpleasant state, with unwanted emotions.  You want to move forward, but you are struggling, and you just cannot get beyond that stuck place.  

It may involve a difficult relationship.  It may be struggles getting closer to others, or staying close.  Possibly you feel a lingering sadness.  Or that your fears are narrowing your life.  Maybe anger is creating strain at work or with your partner.  Sometimes you cannot put your finger on it, but there is a longing, or a sense of loneliness or emptiness.  Whatever it is, you want to move forward, but you keep encountering the same bump in the road, over and over.

People who come to see me are wanting to make change that lasts.  My therapy style is non-directive. I will not tell you what to do. I am looking for long-term change in the core of your person. Together we work to sort out the pieces and to remove the road blocks so you can move toward a more satisfying life.


I work extensively with individuals and couples. I specialize in treating long standing issues - ways of being in the world that have been with you as long as you remember.  Having a phone conversation is often helpful to determine if working together with me feels right for you. 

Take a stand for yourself today.   

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