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Depression Counselor

Carrie Elizabeth Lin, MA, LPCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

155 E. Campbell Ave., Suite 109, Campbell, California

Depression is one of the most disabling conditions a human being can experience. When you're going through it, it's nearly impossible to believe it can get better. But it can. If you're experiencing depression, I urge you to get treatment as soon as possible, whether with me or someone else. If you work with me, we'll start out with behavior changes you can make that will help you feel a little better right away. As our work progresses, we'll look at a wide variety of influences on your depression and tailor your treatment plan to your needs. I include positive psychology perspectives in my work, which means I can help you not only reduce symptoms but increase the level of happiness.

Depression Counselor

Robin Bates-Pualuan, MS, LMFT, LPCC

Marriage & Family Therapist, Professional Clinical Counselor

2155 S. Bascom Ave., Ste. 203, Campbell, California

Does life seem bleak right now? Have you lost interest in the things you used to enjoy? Do you feel sad most of the time? Do you have little to look forward to, and a lot you’d prefer not to look back on? When you are convinced that things will never get better no matter what, you are depressed. I can give you tools and teach you how to use them to dig yourself out of the emotional ditch you’re in. It is possible to feel hope again when you know how.

Depression Counselor

Verna Nelson, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

800 Pollard Road, Suite B-207, Los Gatos, California

Depression and chronic worry often go hand in hand and both leave us feeling helpless and alone. I work with people who are locked in cycles of repetitive, negative thinking to see that the wisdom of the body can be harnessed to help change the cycle. You can learn to listen to your body-mind's need for being accepted, encouraged, and loved, rather than harassed, put-down and pushed. Depression is the fear of doing things on the job, in relationship or in life less than perfectly. And yet perfection isn't possible. We can work together to release you from the bonds of skewed thinking. You can practice new skills, especially acceptance of yourself, other people and our human frailties.

Depression Counselor

Aurianne Dorsay, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

1302 Lincoln Ave., Ste. 205, San Jose, California

Depression can bring on feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, and helplessness. There are times when it may feel like the feeling will never end and nothing will help. The good news is that psychotherapy can be very effective in assisting the improvement of symptoms associated with depression and I have helped many clients through this difficult process. Working with me, I will help you identify your thoughts, feelings and unconscious behaviors that may contribute to your depression and, from there, you may come from a place of greater empowerment and choice.

Depression Counselor

Rachel Kane-Cooley, MA, LMFT, LPCC

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

1925 S. Winchester Blvd, Suite 106, Campbell, California

Depression is a difficult thing to deal with on your own. Therapy can provide support as you find ways to increase your energy level, motivation, and sense of inspiration. Together, we can explore past experiences, current challenges, and future goals. Consider that you are not depressed. But rather, you are experiencing depression at this time in your life. There is still so much to live for and do!

Depression Counselor

Shereen Mohsen, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

1350 Dell Avenue, Suite 103, Campbell, California

I work with each person to individualize and tailor their specific goals to alleviate symptoms of depression. I use a compassionate approach to help each person feel less alone in their experience, and feel empowered to make positive changes in their life. Building a strong therapeutic relationship aids the process by feeling well supported and hopeful of the future.

Depression Counselor

Donald Dufford, Ph.D. Director

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

3880 S. Bascom Avenue, Suite 212, San Jose, California

Do you want to feel happy, productive, hopeful - feel like yourself again? Donald Dufford, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, can help you break out of depression. He has over 25 years experience and incorporates various treatment approaches when appropriate including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Psychotherapy, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Dr. Dufford is also Director of Anxiety Treatment Services and has a strong specialty in overcoming anxiety disorders as well as depression. Please call now for a free 10 minute telephone consultation.

Depression Counselor

Tom Cheney, M.A.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

1022 W Hedding St, San Jose, California

When self-criticism meets self-compassion, the heavy fog of depression lifts. I will help you release the chronic worry, regret, and feelings of inadequacy that fuel depression. I will help you end the rumination that fuels insomnia, one of depression's most painful and debilitating symptoms. I will also help you seek out and celebrate all that is good in you, your loved ones, and your world. Moreover, we will identify the activities, behaviors, and people that make you feel good. We will then make these sources of good feeling more prominent in your life. With the tools of compassion, gratitude, and skillful behavior at your command, you will be empowered to create a life worth living.

Depression Counselor

Doreen Maxwell MFT and Associates Experiential Psychotherapy, MFT, CHT

Marriage & Family Therapists, Certified Hakomi Psychotherapy

800 Pollard Rd. Suite B-201, Los Gatos, California

Depression is different from grief, sadness, or challenging transitions. If you find yourself feeling stuck in states of low energy, low motivation, and apathy, it is time to seek help. I primarily use Hakomi Experiential Therapy to help you uncover old beliefs and patterns that may have been adaptive in your family, but that aren't serving you anymore. I can teach you practices to use all your sensory awareness to bring pleasure to your life again. This discovery process can bring capacity for new choices, new feelings of energy and creative vitality.

Depression Counselor

Randi Fredricks, Ph.D., LMFT

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

1174 Lincoln Ave #6, San Jose, California

In my depression treatment practice, I use a therapeutic approach that is exceptionally powerful. Some of my clients have experienced remarkable results in as little as one session. How can this happen? I combine an unusually effective combination of methods known for producing rapid and significant change. As a psychotherapist, I bring to therapy the skills I acquired while studying for a Masters and a Ph.D. in Psychology. My book Healing & Wholeness: Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Mental Health examines thousands of studies that have demonstrated the superior level of healing that is possible when mental health is addressed from a mind-body-spirit perspective.

Depression Counselor

Jason Esswein, M.S., LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

San Jose, California

Depression can be painful for the person suffering from it as well as those closest to them. When we are depressed, previously enjoyable activities can appear meaningless. We lose interest in connecting with others (often exacerbating symptoms). Furthermore, it can feel as though there is "no point" to life. We all have periods of time when we feel less than ideal, but depression is severe and enduring. Counseling provides an atmosphere where it is safe to discuss these feelings.

Depression Counselor

Adam Dorsay, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

1120 McKendrie Street, San Jose, California

Depression can be a very lonely and scary experience. People experiencing it can feel hopeless and helpless at times. The good news is that counseling is a very effective treatment for mild to moderate depression and I have seen my clients improve when they have struggled with depression. Having a safe place to talk about the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors associated with depression, helping my clients identify their blind spots and generating alternatives, and knowing that I am on my client's team trying to help them through this challenge has been very beneficial for the people I have helped.

Depression Counselor

Daryl Temkin, Ph.D

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Available for Online Therapy

There are many causes for depression and many forms of depression, from reactive depressions to deep internal depressions. Sudden depressions as well as long lasting depressions are not to be ignored. They are serious emotional responses which can benefit extensively from appropriate counseling and therapeutic interventions. Having a caring and listening ear to talk to during a time of depressive despair can be extremely healing. It is often stated that a healthy listening relationship can heal beyond measure. There are depressions which will benefit from medical interventions along with talking interventions. In general, cared for depressions will greatly improve and most will pass.

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