Kimberly Koljat, LMFT, LIMFT-S, RPT-S, RDT

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  • Licensed Independent Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor
  • Phone: (216) 245-7650
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  • Session Fees: $140-$200
  • This member is a featured provider of online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

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Licensed in both Ohio and California to serve clients over telehealth at this time.

Insurance Information:
I am a private pay practice, and can provide monthly superbills to clients to provide to their insurance for potential out of network reimbursement.

For the most up to date information on my practice, its policies, and group offerings, please visit my website.

My Specialities:
  • Child Therapy
  • Adolescent Therapy
  • LGBTIQ+ Clients
  • Female Identified Adults
  • Highly Sensitive People/Empaths
  • Self-Improvement and Growth
  • Self-Esteem
  • Creative Block
  • Burnout
  • Recovery from narcissistic abuse

Theoretical Approaches:

  • Play Therapy (Child Centered Play Therapy, Prescriptive Play Therapy, Filial Therapy, CBT Play Therapy, Digital Play Therapy, TraumaPlay)
  • Filial Therapy
  • Drama Therapy (Developmental Transformations, Five Phase, Narradrama)
  • Creative Arts Therapies
  • Object Relations
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Why Work With Me?

If you are seeking therapy for your child: I built my practice specializing in working with children and their families. Many therapists share they use play therapy in their practice with children, but have not taken further training on its use in therapy. I am a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, which means I completed 3 years and 3000 additional hours of supervised practice of developmentally appropriate work after licensure, consistent continued education courses, and significant focus in at least two play therapy evidence based practices. This thorough training in addition to my foundational clinical training provides an evidence based, solid guide for you and your child in treatment.

If you are seeking therapy for your adolescent or yourself: I offer a unique service to my clients that melds "talk therapy" with embodied relational work that will help you connect with yourself and with others, discover your patterns in behavior, and unpack what's most important to you and your growth. In addition, I utilize creative arts therapies for exploring topics difficult for words. For those not interested in creative arts and embodied work, I offer "talk therapy" as well. Often, our work is a blend. Therapy is a co-created experience between therapist and client. I don’t provide creative arts therapies to clients who prefer to talk during their sessions if it's not what they want. I work with adults who are open to expressive arts practices, and I work with adults who prefer to talk during session. All formats are welcome, and I will cater services to meet the client’s needs.

My Website:

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My Mission:
My mission is to provide quality child therapy, individual therapy for teens and adults, the LGBTIQ+ community, highly sensitive people and empaths, and trauma survivors, including those recovering from narcissistic abuse.

The creation of my practice is in service of the transformative power of relational play and expressive arts with children, adolescents, adult individuals, and families. Individuals of all ages, 0-100 years old, can benefit from the work of the creative arts and connection. I help struggling kids and families find the building blocks to healing. I help adults who feel disconnected from others and themselves find the link playfully back to being in relationship to what matters most. I help teens find their voice through expressive arts therapy.

My work is rooted in seeking the source of behaviors through attachment theory and psychodynamic work, neurobiology, and systemic family therapy and embodied in modalities like play therapy, drama therapy and family play therapy (or, Filial Therapy). I help my clients realize their resiliency to difficulty in life, including trauma, transitions, grief, and identity exploration. The goal is not to avoid difficulty, but to understand that difficulties happen, and we can experience them and know how to care for ourselves to get through them.

My Goals:
My goal is to empower children, families, female identified (and femme) adults, and LGTBIQ+ folx using my training as a drama therapist, play therapy, and mental health therapist. I offer a unique service to my clients that has its foundation in the therapeutic relationship, and is driven by the client's needs and strengths. Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all experience, and the modality in which we work is catered to your specific needs, whether it's expressive arts, talk therapy, or embodied relational therapy.

People I See May Be Experiencing:
I work with anxiety, depression, trauma, adoption issues, children of divorce, children (and adult children) of alcoholics and substance abuse, recovery from narcissistic abuse, behavioral issues, school issues, self-esteem, creativity block, highly sensitive children and adults, peer relationships, identity exploration, overcoming breakups, stress, life transitions, grief, loss, mood disorders, family relationships, intrapersonal and interpersonal relationship growth and healing, burnout (parental, teacher, helping professionals, therapists), compassion fatigue.

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