This privacy policy is for public use of our website, that is, individuals who are not members of Theravive nor who are listed with us as professional therapists nor are subscribing as members to list their practice or information on our public website. Your use of submitting information on our website constitutes acknowledgement and assent of this policy.

Where the term "Therapist" is mentioned in this document, it refers to any of our individual member listings, which may represent a single individual therapist, a clinic, or more than 1 therapist.

What Personal Information Does Theravive Collect?

There are 2 ways we gather personal data. The first is through our general contact form, and the second is through using a therapist's contact form.

Information Submitted Via A Therapist's Or Clinic's Contact Form:

We use our server to gather information from a web browser via a form. The information is collected on our server, and immediately forwarded, via email, to the therapist/clinic described on the web form. The email address that the information is forwarded to is the email address entered into our database by the therapist. When this process functions as intended, no personal information is stored by Theravive whatsoever. Information is sent to a single email address that is designated and controlled by the therapist. Once the personal information is sent, it is fully discharged from our system. It is not stored or saved at all. The intention and programming of Theravive is to NOT store or save any personal information whatsoever. However, once your personal information reaches the destination email (as designated by the therapist you are contacting), we are no longer involved and we do not take any responsibility for how your information is stored/used, etc. For example, you send a note through a therapist's contact form. It is transmitted to that therapist's email account. The email then "pops into" Outlook, or Gmail, or Hotmail, etc, on the therapist's computer. Theravive is no longer involved in any way whatsoever of the protection or lack thereof, of your information, once it reaches its destination email address.

Information Submitted Via A Our General Contact Form (not to any specific therapist or clinic)

We use our server to gather information from a web browser via a general form. The information is collected on our server, and immediately sent to our staff. Confidentiality is not assumed. Furthermore, an individual working for us, who is not a licensed health professional, will read the information given and forward it, via email, to up to two individuals we believe in good faith to be credentialed therapists. We cannot guarantee that those individuals will actually be therapists. We search the internet via search engines, or pull data from our database to locate someone we believe is a therapist, however there exists the possibility that your information may be sent to an email address not owned by a therapist. We most send your information to two separate email addresses, unless you write back and request we send it out further.

If we cannot locate a local therapist for you, we may submit your information to one of our own therapists or clinics that practice e-counseling. This is done by submitting your issue (the information you type into the 'Please tell us what kind of counseling you are seeking' box, and your state/province into a secure general "pool" that any of our e-counselors can view and then choose to accept as willing to help. When an e-counselor accepts your request, only then is he/she given your contact information. But until that point, your personal contact information (your name, phone number, email, city) is kept confidential. Once an e-counselor accepts your request, no one else will be able to, so with this process, your personal information is given to only one therapist / clinic.

When this process functions as intended, personal information is stored by Theravive for up to 60 days. Information is sent to up to two email addresses that we believe in good faith, but cannot guarantee, belong to credentialed therapists or psychologists.

When Processes Do Not Work As Intended: Inherent Risks That Exist

There are times when the process of handling data on our system does not function as intended. For example, a therapist whose email address is no longer valid, or a problem with the server, or a failure in email transmission due to unforeseen, yet common, occurrences that are inherent with IT technology and unsecure networks (via public internet). In these cases, it is possible that personal data may be stored. Error logs, catches in programming errors, etc. can often end up creating saved files that could potentially contain personal information. For example, if there is a failure in email transmission, personal data may "bounce back"...this can happen if the therapist's email address is incorrect, or the destination server rejects the email, or even at times if the therapist themselves doesn't properly manage the email (i.e. clicking a reply button to send it back to us). Bounceback emails that contain personal information, logs, or other non-intended results that contain personal data may be stored, archived, backed up, etc. By sending personal information to us via any web form, you are putting information at risk of being copied, stored, saved, and/or read by individuals whom it is not intented. If your information must remain confidential, do not use our webform.

Risk With Email

We use unsecure email as our means of collecting and transmitting data. Email may be copied, stored, or falsely delivered, and fall into the wrong hands as it travels across the internet. Unencrypted Email is by nature unsecure and should never be used to send information that must remain confidential. None of our email is encrypted. If you have information that must remain confidential, do not use any of our contact forms. Use of our contact form means information is transmitted via email, which is by nature unsecure and subject to unintended storage and/or disclosure.