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Over 20 years ago, I met a woman who taught me how to incorporate the principles of psychology with the power of spirituality.  I believe incorporating principles of spirit, mind and body can more fully bring healing to the whole person, instead of just one issue.  Licensed as a marriage and family therapist, I am also an ordained minister.

 I have worked in clinics, group practices, family services and had private practices in California, Massachusetts, and Virginia, as well as Tokyo, Japan. I also have traveled around the world to bring healing from stress and trauma to residents of third world countries including Sierra Leone, Malawi, Honduras, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Cambodia and others.

I travel internationally leading people to healing and offer phone and skype sessions.

Specializing in healing from the inside out, I work with clients to locate and change beliefs that keep them stuck in recurring patterns and behaviors that they want to change.  Once the beliefs are changed, the behaviors follow rather effortlessly.  With this approach, healing often comes quicker that one might imagine.  Here is what one client had to say:

"...I had been attacked and left for dead by my ex-husband...I had been in and out of therapy with PTSD, anxiety disorder, insomnia and nightmares.  I got through my days with Ativan, afraid to go to sleep and dream...Then I found Marianne.  I felt safe and encouraged to uncover everything to put the pieces together. I was able to remember a period in my childhood that was blank and disturbing.We put the puzzle together. My childhood started to make sense.  I found answers...and took my life back.  I have been able to deal with any anxiety now without medication. Sleep is returning.  I have a new normal that I like very much.

Marianne operates outside of the box.
She respected my beliefs and didn't push anything on me I did not want or couldn't handle.That's what made my work with her so healing...With Marianne's help I feel like I'm finally the real me."

This kind of healing has been reported by many.

I have written many articles on family, relationship and other mental health issues for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and websites. My new book Peaceful Parenting: 10 essential principles will be available on Amazon in June, 2013.  My Moments of Mindfulness meditation CD is available on Amazon now! I have hosted cable TV shows in Sudbury, MA, and Culpeper, VA.  Often appearing as a guest of various TV and radio shows, I have been privileged to comment on a variety of social issues ranging from school shootings to having a happy marriage.
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It has been my firm belief that we are all created to live an abundant life and it is my privilege to lead you there if you feel stuck.

I am married with a combined family of eight children and twelve grandchildren, a source of much learning and growth, and immense joy.

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