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Sometimes life can make you feel like you are climbing a mountain with rocks in your backpack. 
I love being the friend who helps you dump out the rocks.

Benefits of Counseling

Clients who have worked with me in the past have told me that counseling:

  • Gave them hope
  • Alleviated their stress
  • Restored their marriage
  • Enhanced their sex life
  • Relieved their shame
  • Brought them confidence
  • Brought them closer to God
  • Made them feel understood
  • Made them feel appreciated
  • Made them feel important 

In essence, counseling equips you to live an abundant life. Through counseling you will begin to understand your history, experience personal insights, learn new skills, and release the burdens that have been dragging you down.


I am especially equipped to relieve burdens in the following areas:

  • Marriage and Premarital Counseling
  • Affair Recovery
  • Anxiety
  • Pornography/Sexual Issues
  • Teenagers
  • Christian Counseling

I can also have experience helping people unload the following baggage:

  • Anger
  • Abuse
  • Career Change
  • Divorce
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Trauma

Philosophy of Counseling

I believe that what people want most is to "Feel Good" about their life.  Whether its a marriage problem, depression, or anxiety that is bothering you, what you really want is to feel better!  I have found that the fastest and best way to feel better is by turning negative emotions into positive emotions.  That occurs by connecting with and feeling understood by another human being in a safe and caring environment.  When people are able to tell their story, feel understood, and get some insight on their situation it releases shame, guilt, anger, hurt, sadness, and fear leaving room for joy, love, happiness, and peace to take their place.  Once you feel better about life your problems do not seem so big anymore.  You have new energy, motivation, and insights on how to tackle them.  That leads to feeling even better about life.  I would love to help you have that experience.  Give me a call and watch it happen to you - 972-813-WELL (9355)!


I had an adventurous childhood growing up in multiple countries around the world. Moving frequently, changing schools, and saying many goodbyes to friends and family helped me appreciate the mixture of incredible joy and deep loss that life can throw your wayAs I moved through college and an career in leadership development, I realized that my passion was for helping people find the fullness that life has to offer.  My relationships with God, my friends, my wife, and my kids each enhance my ability to serve people. I have now spent 5 fulfilling years in the counseling world helping people drop their heavy loads and feel better about life.

A special note for Couples: Even if your fights are getting worse, you feel alone in the relationship, or you feel like giving up a fulfilling marriage.  I work with couples to establish honor in the relationship, overcome betrayal, develop greater intimacy, and restore a sense of joy and play in the marriage.  

Breathe life into your marriage and give me a call: 972-813-WELL (9355)

A special note for Teenagers: Many teens feel awkward, embarrassed, or even forced to come to counseling, so if you are feeling that way it is pretty normal.  I can help you understand why your parents brought you to counseling, what you might get out of it, and whether you even need it in the first place. By the end of the first session, most people's fear of counseling vanishes, and they begin to enjoy having someone's undivided attention for an hour.


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