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Career / Jobs Counselor

Kristen Burrus, MS, LMFT, LAC

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

11261 Strang Line Rd, Lenexa, KS

Are you struggling with your job satisfaction? Do you count every minute at work, waiting for the end of your day? Sometimes people take jobs they aren't particularly interested in to get by or pay the bills. You can get stuck in a job like that for years and wonder where your passion lies. If you are just out of school, or a seasoned professional, we can work through what type of career will be best for you.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Sitka Stueve, LSCSW, CCP, CCTP, SAP

Licensed Specialized Clinical Social Worker

11695 S. Black Bob Road, Olathe, KS

As a Business & Life Coach, I have proven strategies to help you recreate yourself, professionally and prepare for your new career. I can assist you with resume writing, selling yourself through effective coverletters, role-play interview techniques, think through the hard questions that will be asked and negotiate the salary you desire. Is it time for a change? Then invest in Career Counseling & let me help you succeed!

Career / Jobs Counselor

Sherri Jacobs, M.S., LMFT, M.A., ATR

Marriage and Family Therapist, Art Therapist

InterUrban ArtHouse 8001 Conser, Suite 290, Overland Park, KS

Career counseling surprisingly can be effective at any age. So often, we limit our choices for ourselves based on the parameters we set for ourselves, which might be far narrower than our true capabilities. In the United States, we seem to be living in a time in which we are what we do, and we spend most of our waking hours doing whatever that is. Current statistics state that we will change jobs up to eight times in our adult life, as job security becomes a thing of the past. Navigating changes in employment or career can be challenging or exhilarating. Working with a therapist as you go through these changes can lessen the impact of potential stress.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Shannon Easterly, LCMFT

6811 Shawnee Mission Parkway, Suite 102, Overland Park, KS

Work encompasses an extraordinary amount of our time. If you are unhappy in your current career or just uncertain about your next steps, I can help you find direction and clarity. I can coach you to a place of realistic expectations of the needs your work should meet, and the needs that should be met outside your career. I can also help if you are content in your career path but in need of blance; I work with many professionals to help conceptualize and manage the demands of career and home life.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Adam Lynch, MA, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

435 Nichols Rd., Suite 200, Kansas City, KS

The jobs we do and the vision we have for life says so much about us. I believe God has given us work not simply so that we "labor," but that we find great purpose in all of our pursuits. The process of becoming more self-aware about our gifts, skills and interests can be invaluable to the joy we find in life. Helping you find your strengths and exposing some of the challenges you have in the process of uncovering a fulfilling career life is something I take great pride in. I've been fortunate to find a career I love and feel equipped to do well. I believe God wants this for your life as well so you can enjoy how you use your gifts and can give Him the glory for all of it.

Career / Jobs Counselor

Cheryl Pendell, MA, LPC, NCC, CPT

Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Play Therapist

Have you recently lost your job or are struggling to gain employment? I can assist you in finding a more clear direction of what to do next to move towards your career goals. Additionally I offer a variety of career assessments that help you define what you are best suited for and what careers are most co friend to who you are. Please call now to get started on a future in which you thrive!

Career / Jobs Counselor

Richard Bates, LMFT, RN

Richard D Bates, Marriage and Family Therapist

205 South Fifth Street Suite 13, Leavenworth, KS

Often times, career choices are about loyalty to fear. Will I be able to survive? Will I get to be me? Will my family judge me? Will I measure up to (fill in the blank). Here, we explore choosing a career based on your identity, not fear. Oftentimes, careers choices are about something other than identity. Identity will set you free and giving you immense power in your chosen field.

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Career Counseling in De Soto KS.

Losing a job or getting laid off of work are severe events that can put tremendous strain on ones life and family. A career therapist in De Soto KS, Kansas can provide important tools and insight into dealing with work fatigue, burnout, difficulties with a supervisor or coworker, unemployment, and work skills assesment.

Find help navigating your future through skilled career counseling in De Soto, KS. Whether you need help on the job, finding a new career, or are facing difficulties through unemployment and financial hardship, our Kansas career counselors in De Soto are licensed and trained to provide you the tools you need to change course and succeed. Financial counseling in De Soto and career guidance with a professional therapist will help put your goals and your life on the right track.