Wendy Dickinson, Ph.D.

Wendy Dickinson, Ph.D.
Child Psychologist

Licensed Psychologist

Location: 4411 Suwanee Dam Road, Suite 440, Suwanee
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Is your child struggling with nightmares, tantrums, fear, bed wetting, incontinence, or trauma? We strongly feel that early intervention is the best method. Rather than allowing patterns and behaviors to become ingrained, we help children through expressive play therapy to process emotions, confront fears, and develop new skills/behaviors. We often find that parents are too close to their children to see when there are significant problems developing and it is the voice of teachers, friends, or other parents that make subtle suggestions about getting your child some additional resources. Pay attention to those suggestions they might see something you do not see. We are here to help!

Pierre Samaan, Ph.D.

Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Certified Chaplain

Location of Therapist: Suwanee, GA
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In Christian Counseling, I believe that at least one of the parents should be actively involved with the child during each session. This helps to keep lines of communication open between the parent, child, and Christian Counselor. Also, in the Bible, there is a recurrent theme of training the children through teaching and example. As the issues of the child are addressed, the parents are encouraged to provide the kind of home that is conducive to solid spiritual and mental development. The child will be asked to draw pictures which will be analyzed and inerpreted to the parent. If necessary, teachers and pediatric physician will be consulted. Parenting strategies will be taught.

Heather Cobb, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 3905 Johns Creek Ct., Suite 260, Suwanee (Cumming location too)
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Counseling children effectively requires specific training and experience. As a part of my training, I took courses specific to learning methods that are proven in treating children. I worked as an elementary guidance counselor for ten years and have served as a youth leader for over seventeen years. One of my strengths is in connecting with children quickly. I also greatly value including their parents (and sometimes even siblings) in the work that we do!

Elizabeth Cooke, MS, LPC, NCC

Licensed Psychotherapist (Licensed Professional Counselor)

Location: 5000 Research Court, Suite 725, Suwanee
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Beautiful babies, tantrumming toddlers, angry adolescents - not a single one of them came with an owner's manual. Raising children to adulthood can be the most challenging, frustrating, and confusing unguided journey ever undertaken. When the parenting books don't hold the answers you need, professional support from someone who really understands developmental stages and the culture in which today's children operate, you and your kids/teens can learn to handle the emotions of growing up and relate better as a family. My relaxed office is a safe place of comfortable furniture, games, and art supplies for children to explore their feelings and for parents to enhance their parenting skills.

Kathleen Shack, M.S., LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Mediator, Coach

Location: 3534 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta
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Families play an important role in children's healing processes. The interaction between children's problems and their families is always complex. Sometimes children develop problems as a way of signaling that there is something wrong in the family. Other times the entire family becomes distressed because the child's problems are so disruptive. In all cases, children and families heal faster when they work together. I assist parents with parenting skills through psychoeducation and coaching. We work together to develop age appropriate discipline and parenting. Involved in this process are family sessions with parents and children together so that family issues can be resolved.

Ravneet Bhatia, MS, LPC

Caring and Compassionate Counseling

Location: 2450 Atlanta Hwy Suite 1901, Cumming
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My experiences with children has been countless, with both preschool and school age children. I believe in the effectiveness of play therapy as a tool to help children express themselves, including anxiety and fears, feelings of sadness, and difficulties with getting along with peers. Play is a child's natural tool for expressing themselves, which is why it is so effective when being used in therapy. In my practice, I have access to toys, games, doll houses, cars, sand trays, etc., so the child is not limited with whatever he or she wants to play with on a particular day.

Robert Montes, Ph.D.

Robert Montes, Ph.D.
Child Psychologist

Licensed Psychologist

Location: 9635 Ventana Way, Suite 101, Johns Creek
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Young Children need both understanding and guidance. They need advocates on their behalf at school, in the neighborhood, and at home. At Trinity, we seek to help you understand your child through psycho-educational evaluations, mental status examinations, and individual therapy and training. Parents are brought along in ways to expand their techniques in discipline, communication, and in encouragement. Dr. Bob Montes and the staff at Trinity provide professional and caring services to children to affect them positively for school and at home. Whether ADHD, Learning Disabilities, or Behavioral problems, young children will find a support in Trinity.

Lois Muir-McClain, M.A., LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 1700 Tree Lane, Suite 260, Snellville
Fast Contact: Email or Call Lois.

I work with children and adolescents ages 6-18. My approach is to let them participate in their therapy, so that they have a sense of control, and not that something is "being done to them." Every child is different, so my approach depends on their personality and behavior. With quiet, or defiant children, I may start by playing a board game or doing puzzles so we can get to know each other. With a more outgoing or verbal kid, they may have a lot to tell me and just want to talk. Still others respond to workbook exercises which I provide feedback on. Call me at 678-209-1348 to discuss my approach with children and also so I can find out more about your situation and what your child needs.

Carol Guthrie, MA, CAMS

Life Coach

Location of Therapist: Atlanta, GA
Fast Contact: Email or Call Carol.

I have worked with young children for 27 years as a special education teacher. I learned ways of helping them be successful. My internship was counseling young children at a private school that was created to help children with learning problems. Many children I counseled had more than one disability. I realize that it is not easy to raise a child who has the extra burden of coping with a disability or an emotional disorder, but there are many things a parent can do to help their child. I can teach you these ways. I take children from 12-17 years of age.

Child Psychologist Sugar Hill GA.

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