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Christian Counselor

Ella Hutchinson, MA, LPC-S, CCSAS, CCPS

Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor

Within Driving Distance of Cypress, TX

As a Christian counselor, faith is an integral part of my practice. It is amazing how the issues we struggle with today are the same issues addressed in the bible. The bible is a guidebook for our lives and is still relevant today! Common issues such as anxiety, depression, betrayal, adultery, worry, money struggles, parenting, and relationships are all addressed in the bible. When we learn to put Christ first in our lives, we are able to love others better and find lasting satisfaction in our lives. Whether you are not sure what you belive or are a seasoned Christian, you will feel comfortable and accepted while working with me.

Christian Counselor

Phil Ginsburg, M.A., LMFT, LPC, LCDC, NCC

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), LPC, LCDC

Within Driving Distance of Cypress, TX

In this hectic day and age, many individuals and families experience emotional problems as a result of their lifestyle and actions being disconnected from their spiritual principles. In the therapeutic relationship, we explore the religious and spiritual values that are most important to you and help you to see how the current choices you may be making might be in conflict with those values. In many cases spiritual conflict is the source of that discomfort. By getting back to the fundamental basics of your spiritual beliefs, we have found we can help you to use the strength you are able to find in your faith, to overcome the depression, anxiety, and stress that you may be experiencing.

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Christian Counseling in Cypress TX.

Christian counseling Cypress, TX is offered by the same licensed credentialed therapists, but with a focus on spirituality and Biblical guidance. Christian marriage counseling Cypress TX through Theravive will put your family and your relationship as a priority over separation and divorce. Our Cypress TX Christian counselors will help guide your life in Texas through the lens of Christian principles so that you can navigate the right path ahead. Contact a Cypress TX Christian marriage therapist or Cypress, TX Christian counselor to begin your new journey of discovery and healing.

Welcome to our network of Cypress TX Christian counseling for marriages, families, relationships, and individuals. If you are seeking a Cypress Christian marriage counselor or Christian therapist, our professionals are able to help you. Emphasising Christian and Biblical truths, therapy with a licensed Christian counselor in Cypress, TX can help bring you through the issues you face, and restore your life to the right path.