Renee Willis, NCC, APC, CAMS


Location of Therapist: Woodstock, GA
Fast Contact: Email or Call Renee.

Let me help you be a better you! We look at your struggles and how you want to see your life improve, then we take progressive steps forward to make that happen. "Why do I do what I do?" Let's figure that out together. Once you have an answer, symptoms may improve for you. You know yourself better than anyone else. It will be my privilege to help you see that and empower you to live your life to the fullest.

Lawrence A. Whitmire, MSW, BSC

Master of Clinical Social Work with Mental Health Speciality

Location of Therapist: Woodstock, GA
Fast Contact: Email or Call Lawrence A..

Georgia Appalachian Professional Services (GAPS) employs only the best trained and experienced professionals who can utilize the tried and true methods and psychotherapy along with new cutting edge interventions. The goals of psychotherapy center around returning control to our clients over their lives and circumstances. At GAPS, we can help you fill the GAPS in your life.

Eddie Capparucci, MA, LAPC

Licensed Associated Professional Counselor

Location: 4343 Shallowford Road, Marietta
Fast Contact: Email or Call Eddie.

Understanding why we do the things we do helps us to make real changes in our lives. And to do that effectively it is important to look back and identify the messages we received (both directly and indirectly) from parents, peers, and others as we were growing up. We also need to examine and process trauma and neglect we experienced that results in our poor decision making today. Real change comes with knowledge and insight that psychotherapy can provide.

Eddie Reece, MS, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: Downtown Alpharetta, Alpharetta
Fast Contact: Email or Call Eddie.

Benefits of Psychotherapy: Improve the quality of your life. Create satisfying relationships, freedom from a hurried lifestyle and more joy in everyday living. If you're like most people, you strive to enhance your life. If you spend time and money on yourself physically with exercise and medical care, mentally by education, then why not improve emotionally too?! I believe the quality of your life is measured by the quality of your relationships. The quality of your relationships depends on your emotional health. Psychotherapy, or counseling, can improve your emotional health, improving your relationships and the quality of your life. Maybe you've heard of psychotherapy and believed it was fo....

Susan Blank, MS, LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 284 S. Main St Suite 800, Alpharetta
Fast Contact: Email or Call Susan.

As a partner in your journey, I approach our work together with empathy, compassion, and non-judgment. My philosophy is grounded in helping you understand the underlying contributors to stress, anxiety and depression. I strive to help you heal your core issues rather than just suppress the symptoms. I use Mindfulness techniques to help you relax, center, and let go of negative thoughts, rumination, and emotions. I value humor and use it in our therapy sessions to communicate that there is hopefulness instead of hopelessness. I want your counseling journey to be liberating and something you look forward to, value, and enjoy

Kara McDaniel, PhD, NCC, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 11660 Alpharetta Highway, Suite 290, Roswell
Fast Contact: Email or Call Kara.

Using a family systems lens, I work with individuals to help them better understand the challenges they are faced with, their symptoms, and patterns of interactions within their existing environment. Over the past 18 years, I have helped individuals who are struggling with, but not limited to, the following presenting concerns: depression, anxiety, parent-child difficulties, grief and loss, blended-family challenges, work-related distress, relationship/marital distress, infidelity, job loss, chronic illness, making lifestyle changes, and life transitions, such as empty nest, bringing baby home, and caregiver distress.

Sarah Bryan, Board Certified Christian Counselor, Cert.Temperment Counselor

Board Cert. Christian Counselor, CTC

Location: 2450 Atlanta Highway Suite 1901, Cumming
Fast Contact: Email or Call Sarah.

Psychotherapy, or personal counseling , involves fostering an intentional interpersonal relationship in order to help a client or patient solving a variety of problems associated with normal life stress. I aim to increase an individual's sense of well-being, encourage new patterns of thinking, and help my clients find the skills necessary to cope with life's more difficult seasons in a healthy, confident way. Call today for an appointment. (770) 548-3034

Amanda Dellinger, Ed.S., M.S., LPC, NCC, CPCS, RPT-S, CTS, CAMS

Licensed Professional Counselor & Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor

Location: 6095 Pine Mountain Road, Suite 105, Kennesaw
Fast Contact: Email or Call Amanda.

Both Teen and Adult Individual Therapy is provided for clients who are seeking support for a wide variety of issues. Often, this kind of therapy is referred to as "talk therapy," but that does not describe all that occurs in the counseling process. Unlike children, adults generally have the ability to explore and express through the use of verbal exchange. Therapists are, therefore, able to facilitate and assist clients in examining their thoughts, feelings, past experiences, and possibilities for the future through verbal techniques. Regardless of age, all clients at Thrive Counseling are provided a space to feel at ease, to feel emotionally safe and understood. From this basis, other therapeuti....

Thrive Counseling Center, Ed.S., M.S., LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselors & Play Therapists

Location: 6095 Pine Mountain Road, Suite 105, Kennesaw
Fast Contact: Email or Call Thrive Counseling.

Individual Therapy for Teens and Young Adults: Teens experience a great deal of change simultaneously in their young lives. Even when we reach young adulthood, the new landscape of autonomy is not so new anymore, but there are still challenges and changes to overcome. Individual therapy entails one-on-one time between the Thrive Therapist and the client, helping to identify their problems, break them into manageable parts, and tackle the issues thoroughly and consistently. Thrive Therapists utilize a combination of expressive arts therapies and traditional talk therapy to fit the needs of each client.

Ann Keller, MA

Counselor Under Direct Supervision

Location: 2655 Dallas Highway, Suite 240, Marietta
Fast Contact: Email or Call Ann.

Psychotherapy can help individuals sort through issues in life in a safe and confidential environment. My approach to psychotherapy is a combination of CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), Interpersonal, and Psychodynamic. A combination of approaches is helpful for clients with complex problems. Sometimes we will be working on getting to the root of issues, while at other times we will be working on what you can do the following week to improve your situation. I find out what works best for you and your situation to help you get to where you want to be.

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