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The Roads and Paths on Theravive represent the unique journey that each person takes in life.

A road or a path signifies a direction and a journey to be taken.  Because all individuals are unique, therefore everyone's path in life is also unique.  No two people ever walk the same journey.   While our common values represent a straight and universal road, the path pictures that you see on this site represent the unique journeys we all take in life, that no one else can walk.  The beauty of a relationship is that you can come alongside someone else, walk with them, and share their footsteps, even carry them for a time.   Yet no matter how close we are to someone, we can never fully walk their same path.  We can, however, walk side by side.


The Theravive Pathway

     Theravive's model is a road in itself:  therapy, discovery, results, and life.   This philosophy is our road to a better life.  We believe that by discovering the truth and life around us, looking ahead to the future, and becoming all that we are called to be, can we truly experience the true joys of living and understanding our purpose here on this earth.


All the pathways and road photography on our site is original and represents the inspiration of many years of adventures and life by the founders of Theravive.



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