Why Counseling?

Counseling offers a safe, non-judgmental environment to understand how events in life shape us and provide critical tools that enable us to take the important steps necessary to meet our goals. Therapy is for everyone, and it doesn't matter what stage or events one is going through. We should all erase the stigma that counseling is only for a select few individuals in desperate situations. And while yes, therapy is absolutely for people on their last thread of rope, it is also for those who may feel things are going well. Counseling is about finding peace, direction, empowerment, and restoration. Whether you are facing an immediate crisis, or dealing with the effects of a long standing issue, our counselors provide a confidential, personalized approach to helping you overcome. On this page you can explore several different types of psychotherapy and counseling.

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Forest Path

"..while both parties came prepared to forgive, neither party came prepared to be forgiven." - Charles Williams


Services Provided By Therapists

Most psychotherapists, psychologists and counselors offer a variety of therapies and have several areas of expertise. Chances are, regardless of how difficult your situation is, there is a therapist available to you who has years of experience dealing with exactly the hurt and uncertainty you are struggling with. On this page is just a small sample of the different kind of services you can find through professional and compassionate therapy.

Some Types of Counselling: A Closer Look

Here you can learn more about some of the types of counseling our therapists provide. This list is by no means exhaustive and is intended to be an informative, helpful area that gives you a glimpse into the treatment process for several different, yet common difficulties people face.

Online & Phone Counselor Listings

Licensed and professional counselors are able to help you anywhere in the world. See our online therapy page to learn more.. You may call, with no obligation, free of charge, any of our online therapists to find the best fit for your unique situation.

Natural and Holistic Philosophy:

Theravive believes in a naturopathic form of healing and treatment. When it comes to therapy and counseling, we see drugs and pharmaceuticals as a last resort. And while we are not completely against drugs (we believe in working with, not against, the advice of medical professionals), we also believe that they can be too quickly prescribed as a remedy that could much better be naturally resolved through effective therapy.

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