Theravive Terms of Service

Terms of Service (TOS) for Use of Our Website

This represents an agreement between you, “The Customer” (or "you") , and Return My Life, LLC, (doing business as, for a subscription (whether paid or unpaid) listing on the website for yearly or monthly time intervals, and/or to place content (written, images, audio, video) on the website henceforth called “The Service” or "services".


By using The Service:

  1. You are part of, and in good standing with, an officially recognized body that regulates the profession of counseling and/or psychology, and/or your specific form of therapy, in your geographical area, holding a minimum masters level degree from an accredited institution in a mental health related field*.
  2. If you are unlicensed or pre-licensed, you agree to state that fact in your profile. Unlicensed and pre-licensed therapists must be under supervision and have a masters-level or higher degree from an accredited institution.
  3. You carry current professional liability and/or malpractice insurance. If you do not, you may still be a member, but you agree to state this fact in your profile.
  4. You agree that your qualifications and credentials are active, accurate and up to date.  Any change to your credentials and qualifications you agree to contact us in a timely fashion to make the necessary changes in your listing. Customers that misrepresent themselves may be removed without notice and without any reimbursement or refund. 
  5. You affirm in good faith the values listed on Theravive’s values page ( as being embraced in your practice and treatment philosophy for any client you knowingly receive through Theravive. We do not audit this in any way, it is a good faith request only.
  6. Customers removed due to violations of these Terms of Service may be reinstated, if approved by Theravive, and are subject to a US $50.00 fee to be re-listed. The subscription period will remain unchanged.
  7. You understand that is an informational site only, providing information to the public. We do not act as medical professionals. We are not an enforcement body and do not regulate the practice of any professional listed on our site. We advertise for therapists, connecting them to clients, and it is at that point that our involvement ends.
  8. You agree and accept any and all responsibility for any communication and business you conduct with clients, counselors, and all others as a result of being listed at and release us from all liabilities herein. You understand that not everyone who contacts you over the internet may have a reasonable intent for therapy. Theravive bears no responsibility for any engagement you make with someone who contacts you as a result of your listing and you accept all responsibility for such engagement.
  9. The Service can be terminated at any time by either party for any reason whatsoever. If The Customer wishes to be removed from (cancel The Service) it will be done so (both the Customer's listing(s) and biography) upon request by the Customer within a reasonable amount of time.  It is The Customer’s responsibility to ensure notification of cancellation was received.   If The Service is terminated by The Customer, The Customer agrees no refunds or reimbursements for unused time will be issued regardless of the length of time that has passed.  To ensure the validity and mission of, we reserve the right to remove individuals listed without notice for any reason.  Except in the case of misrepresentation, false credentials, submitting illegal content, or any other non-refundable condition as stated in this agreement, if Theravive terminates the contract, you will receive a prorated refund according to completely unused months based on the day of payment. 
  10. You acknowledge that accuracy of the information in your listing is your responsibility. may make changes and corrections to your information upon notification and within a reasonable amount of time. 
  11. Payment for The Service is a subscription made in advance for a one year period unless otherwise separately negotiated.  Subscriptions automatically renew unless cancelled, which can be done at any time. Subscription fees are subject to change. 
  12. All listing photos are taken outdoors (to have a natural tone) and should include either blue sky, sunlight, natural plants, grass, trees, etc. Photos should have an "outdoor" feel. Photos are subject to approval. We will work with Customers to obtain acceptable photos and will provide a default photo in the event the customer can not provide a suitable one.
  13. All photos, biographical content, and any other content submitted by the Customer for posting on are subject to approval. Theravive may request changes be made to listing content if it deems that such content is contrary to Theravive's overall mission, scope, and theme.
  14. Use of profanity, derogatory terminology, harassment, or language that is in opposition to our values in profiles or blog entries is prohibited and Theravive reserves the right to apply filters to Therapist profiles to censor content it deems inappropriate. Additionally, use of harassment, profanity, or hostility to any staff of Theravive that displays a willful intent to harm Theravive, its business or subsidiaries, may result in your account being terminated without refund.
  15. While we work hard to advertise your practice to as many people as we can, we cannot promise an increase in clients or business as a result of using our services. If you have a guarantee with your subscription, the terms of your guarantee are in addition to the terms of service.
  16. Links to customer websites are subject to review and approval. For Theravive SEO purposes, customer links are given HTML "no-follow" tags unless otherwise negotiated. Theravive will normally remove the 'no-follow' tags upon request and with a link exchange in return.
  17. Any offer given by Theravive by default is considered expired if not taken advantage of within 7 days of it being made.

Sign Up Form

By completing the first page of our sign up form and submitting to us your email address and checking the box that you acknowledge these terms of service, you are agreeing specifically to "opt-in" to receiving emails from us. Examples of emails you may receive include, but are not limited to, notices about your account, offers of our services, client referrals, and client inquiries. We will NOT disclose your email address to a third party. The "opt-in" is only to receive emails from Theravive (ie.,, or

Listing Order:

Therapists are by default, displayed randomly on the page. A therapist who has a penalized account may show up at the bottom of searches.

Broken Profiles

Blank profiles hurt our ability to advertise, and result in potential clients leaving our site. All therapists who sign up with us are asked to complete a full profile within 30 days of activation. Blank or incomplete profiles (profiles that lack a promotional, 6 or more custom specializations, lack even a single marketing tool written, or a bio) may be relegated to the very bottom of the page (penalized account), beneath all members. If this happens, as soon as a therapist completes their profile, their listing order will be restored. An incomplete profile for more than 30 days voids any client guarantee, as it is unlikely that any therapist with a blank profile will gain clients through us..

Advertising And Ownership

Members who wish to represent themselves as a clinic or a group (more than 1 therapist), or use their profile to advertise more than just themselves, must sign up as a group membership, rather than an individual membership. Therapists who sign up as individual members may only advertise their individual practices in their profile and/or bio. The website of a therapist, which is displayed as part of a therapist's profile, does not count as advertising. Theravive, at its discretion, will decide if a profile is in violation of this tenet. Accounts and listings on Theravive are non-transferrable.

Placing Professional Seals

Theravive may make website edits for the customer as a curtesy only, with the customer's explicit permission. Once edits are made and approved by the customer, Theravive will not remove/undue them. The customer is completely responsible for removing or changing any and all alterations Theravive makes to their website once Theravive has completed making edits.

Website Operations

On occasion, the website may be down for maintenance, updates, or unforeseen problems. While we make every attempt to keep the website operating smoothly at all times, we cannot guarantee 100% uptime, nor can we guarantee it will always run smoothly or without errors. By signing up for The Services, you agree to accept the inherent risk associated with running a website, that it may not always be operational, or without problems, errors, broken links, or other unforeseen issues, including those imposed by law. Refunds, including pro-rated refunds, or credited time are not granted for problems with website operations.

Limitations of Liability

In no event, including, without limitation, negligence, shall Return My Life, LLC,, its owners, its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, officers, directors, employees or partners ("we") be liable to you or any third party for any special, punitive, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind, or any damages whatsoever, including, without limitation, those resulting from loss of use, data, or profits, whether or not "we" have been advised of the possibility of such damages and on any theory of liability, arising out of or in connection with the use of or the inability to use this site, its services, or materials, the statements or actions of any third party on or through this site, any dealings with vendors or other third parties, any unauthorized access to or alteration of your data, any failure in the transmission of your data, any information that is sent or received or not sent or received, any failure to store or loss of data, files, or other content, any services available through the site that are delayed or interrupted, or any web site referenced or linked to or from this site, or contact and/or communication with any individual(s), or any loss, harm, costs, or damages resulting from your subscription to Theravive's services.

Refund Policy

No refunds or credits are granted for any reason after purchase. Customers who are in compliance with our terms of service, who are then terminated by Theravive, are entitled to a pro-rated refund based on unused complete months. For any other reason, refunds are not granted. You agree that Return My Life, LLC is not responsible for any secondary costs incurred by you for the production of stationary, business cards, ect, as it relates to your listing or changes to your listing (including de-listing) and changes to services on the website.

Additional Listings

1. Customers on Theravive may configure several additional listings by specialty by writing a paragraph about that specialty. These listings are found under the Marketing tab in the control panel and represent several different specialties. You are asked only to fill out fields that make up an active part of your practice. Completing any specialty field where you do not specifically practice that specialty is against our terms of service and may result in one or more specialization fields being disabled on your profile, up to and including disabling your account. For example, filling out the Psychologist field means you are a designated and licensed psychologist. Filling out the Christian Counseling field means you provide counseling that specifically seeks harmony with the teachings of Jesus and the Bible. Filling out the Eating Disorder field means you provide counseling and or treatment for anorexia, binge eating, and/or bulimia. Only fill out fields where you have experience and specialty.

2. All fields must be unique. Completing any additional listing that contains copied text, whether copied from another field, or anywhere on the internet, including your own website, is a violation of this agreement and may result in one or more fields being disabled on your account. In order for us to market these additional listings, it requires that all text in all fields be completely unique original writing and be able to pass a CopyScape test at Unique text is required so that Google and other search engines do not recognize copied and/or plagarised text from elsewhere on the web and thus, penalize us in search rankings.

Content Submission Policy for  

As a member of Theravive. you have the opportunity to publish your work on the Theravive website in the form of blog entries and articles, with prior approval. Therapists who choose to contribute their own creative work to Theravive must first agree to our content submission policy. Please note: this section does not apply to profiles and bios.

Content (except for profiles and bios) published on Theravive is permanent and cannot be retracted. By submitting content for publishing on Theravive you agree to our content submission policy.
The Customer is responsible for the legality of all written content, images, audio, and video ("content") submitted to Theravive. The customer agrees they are the original authors or creators of the content, or are the sole-copyright holder of the content, or that the content is public domain, and that the content, in being posted on the website is not in violation of any laws. If you have hired a ghost writer, you agree that you have exclusive rights to each article and all such content you submit. Theravive will immediately remove any content that is in violation of law, and customers who submit illegal content are subject to applicable laws, including termination of services without refund. All content submitted to Theravive, including that submitted for discounts or free time, is subject to prior approval. You agree that any and all content submitted to Theravive, including articles, you grant permanent rights to Theravive to publicly display such content on its website permanently without retraction. Content submitted to Theravive may be freely used in advertising, promotions, or used in any other manner Theravive chooses. Theravive does not have the right to sell your work directly for profit. You will not be paid for submitting your articles or content to our site. You will retain full and permanent credit for your work and sourced in all instances it is used by Theravive. If you are submitting content for publishing on our site, you agree to not repost or publish your content with any other website or organization, including your own website(s), for a period of 90 days after Theravive posts your content live on the website. 

Privacy and Personal Risk

You accept all risks associated with posting personal information, including your photo, on the website. You release all liability from Return My Life, LLC, Theravive and its owners, its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, officers, directors, employees or partners of direct or indirect, special or consequential damages, relating to the presence of your photo and/or listing your information on this site. You understand that is a public website, and any information you submit to becomes available to the public. Additionally, Theravive has the right to promote and advertise its website, including advertising on other websites, fliers, commercials, audio, video, or in any other manner of advertising to promote itself.

E-mail uses email as its primary mechanism of communication. It is your responsibility to ensure your email address with is current. You agree that by signing up, may send out periodical emails from time to time as part of The Service.

Non Compete

By signing up for the service, you agree that you are not an owner, contractor, or employee of (you are not in any position that receives monetary compensation for) another therapist directory or website who has as one of its goals, the advertising and promotion of therapists on the internet.

Waitlist Cities

Cities that are closed and with a waitlist in place may be charged a premium fee in order for new therapists to be listed there once a new spot opens. In many closed cities, spots may take one or more years to open.


*Occasionally, Theravive may allow counselors with less than masters degrees on our site, under the condition that we are unable to find any masters level therapist to list with us in a particular city. This only happens for a given area where we do not have any therapists listed, and we are receiving client contacts, and despite attempts to find a masters level therapist, none would join us. In cases where Theravive is actually receiving client referrals, but has been unable to find a masters level therapist willing to subscribe to us, we may allow counselors without a masters degree to join in that particular area, provided they are legally allowed to practice as a therapist in their geographical area and hold a certification and membership in good standing from an organization that governs their therapy. In these instances, Theravive will approve of such therapists on a case by case basis. Memberships of Therapists with less than masters degrees are re-negotiated each year. A few therapists on Theravive with less than masters degrees who were members before the masters requirement (put in place Oct 2009), have been "grandfathered" into the existing network. All therapists who join Theravive after October 2009 are subject to the Masters degree requirement, except in the case as described above.


Changes to This Document may change this agreement and/or its terms of service at any time.


-Return My Life, LLC (doing business as "Theravive" and "")

Updated October 2014: 

If you have any questions, please e-mail or call us at 604-626-1329 (Canada), or 360-350-8627 (United States)

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