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  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Christian Counselor
  • 20980 Rogers Drive, Suite 400, Rogers, Minnesota, 55374
  • Phone: 763-220-2312
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  • www.northwestfamilycounseling.com
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Free 30 Minute Initial Consultation

Welcome to the first step in finding hope and direction! 
Seeking counsel from a stranger can be a difficult task. I want to commend you on taking what is often the hardest step- seeking help. If you are ready to start working toward living a life marked by peace, contentment, and hope then continue reading!
As a licensed counselor I am professionally trained to help you work through the experiences and struggles in life that you can't handle on your own. All of my training is in marriage and family systems, theories, and treatment. I am passionate about helping family units grow and enjoy each life together. I am also a licensed school counselor so I have a unique background, allowing me to connect quickly with teens who would otherwise struggle in counseling. 
As a husband since 2004 and father of 4 I have plenty of practical life experience :) I am married to my best friend and we have both benefited from the ups and downs of our growing relationship. It has been a joy to grow with her and learn more about her each day. Neither of us are perfect but we are moving through life together which makes the journey so worthwhile! With 4 kids in the house I know first-hand how crazy life can get and can offer practical advice on how to best balance your marriage, parenting, work, friends, etc... I am one of 7 kids so I know the dynamics of a larger family too!
When we meet with me you can expect the following:
  • you will be heard
  • you will be understood
  • you will be part of the change process
  • you will be given direct advice and often challenged to do new things
  • you may not always like what you hear (truth can be hard to hear sometimes but I do it in a loving and gentle way so you don't feel attacked, embarrassed, or under-valued)
  • you will have homework each week (meeting 1 time per week and only focusing on your goals at that time won't help you reach your goals very quickly so I will ask you to read, journal, process, explore, etc... during the week to help maximize our time together) 
  • you will experience change (I can not change you or your spouse but I can give you the tools, direction, and confidence to start to transform your life and future)

I approach counseling from a Christian perspective. I believe we were created with purpose and with a specific design and when we choose to live within that design we are able to fully enjoy life. When I choose to step outside of that design I typically end up struggling and wondering why life is not as enjoyable as I want it to be. As a counselor I work with people from many faith backgrounds and many who choose not to incorporate anything "God" related into their counseling. I am 100% open to working with anyone who trusts me with their situation. The strategies, advice, and goals used in my counseling are all customized based on what you want and need. Some methods used are CBT, SFBT, narrative, and biblical counseling. If you want to learn more about me go to my website (www.northwestfamilycounseling.com) and watch a few videos posted there to see if we will be a good fit!

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