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Hello, and thanks so much for taking the time to review my information. 

I am a licensed, highly trained, and experienced Professional Counselor, with a long time specialty focus, and a strong passion for, helping couples to repair and/or enhance their relationships in the shortest amount of time possible.  I am the owner and founder of Woodlands Professional Counseling, an established private practice that has been successful in providing top quality services to The Woodlands and surrounding communities for many years.  

Beginning with the first session, my primary objective will not only be to assure that you become comfortable with me as your relationship expert (which usually does occur readily during the first session), but also to stimulate confidence with you that nuggets of improvement can soon be identifiable and larger consistent positive results are achievable.
To foster success, I will be utilizing proven brief therapy approaches that:
  • Are recognized for stimulating the healing process and the building of optimism.
  • Will introduce you to methods of interacting that influence more positive outcomes and satisfaction. 

In addition to my extensive professional training and experience gained working with many, many couples over time, I also have the wisdom gained through my own life experience of being married for 30 years and raising a family to also draw upon to help you even more to achieve your goals.  It has also been helpful for some of my clients to know that I am a foreign war military veteran. 

Please don't wait any longer for issues to resolve themselves - take that important first step to give me a call.  I consider all calls to be urgent and I answer all calls to my office personally.  If I am not available when you call, please do leave your name, number and a brief message, and I will return your call the same day.  I am also happy to respond to email inquiries.  
I look forward to working with you!

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